Poetry Corner: The night Uber saved bedtime

Something amazing happened to us the other day. One of those random acts of kindness that makes you realise that small gestures of generosity can truly make a person’s day. That, despite what the media tells us, there are good people in the world after all. So in tribute to Peter, the random Uber driver who saved our bacon on a particularly challenging night during early parenthood, I’ve immortalised the event forever in rhyme. If nothing else, as a reminder that (even in London) people can surprise you. Peter…this… View Post

Tales of a Stay at Home Dad: Relinquishing control…

• Guest post from Stay at Home Dad blogger Gavin Fitzpatrick from Moo and Me • Readers of my blog will already be keenly aware of my control freak nature. Of how I like to have everything in order. And how I am only truly happy if (please read the next sentence with your best Gestapo accent) – ze nap times are corvect, food for ze veek is vell planned, dogs are valked, dogs are zen played viz, and ze house iz properly organised und spotlessly clean… Seriously. I’m… View Post

Ones to Watch: A list of the most exciting & innovative new baby brands set for greatness in 2017!

As a new dad, parent blogger and social media junkie, I come into contact with countless baby brands as part of my regular blogging and daily scrolling activity. But every so often online, you discover an absolute gem of a small business, that not only solves a problem but that, crucially, creates something truly unique that grabs your attention (and gets a flurry of likes in the process). And so, to kick off the New Year in style, I thought I’d give a shout out to six of… View Post

Fantastic cold remedies and where to find them

The last thing any parent wants at the start of January (easily the most depressing month of the year) is a debilitating winter cold. Take it from me. As the father of a tiny snot monster, who sports a constant blocked nose, every day is a challenge. Not only am I forced daily to remove bogies from his tiny nose with a weird sucky contraption that any ‘non-parent’ would mistake for a miniature beer bong. But every day is also a constant battle to ensure I don’t contract said… View Post

Life in Pictures: Teddy’s First Christmas

Like thousands of parent bloggers before me, I started this blog as a kind of digital scrapbook, documenting our new parent story. From the downright disgusting and pull-your-hair-out frustrating times to the life changing events and happiest memories, I’ve written about it all. And while I still love and will, of course, continue writing, I’ve also recently discovered the joys of photography, having invested in my first proper camera (the excellent Canon EOS 100 Digital SLR Camera) just before Teddy was born. After all, as they say, a picture… View Post

The best baby carrier for active parents – top picks for mums and dads

After weeks of festive frivolities, something’s gotta give. No longer can we continue gorging ourselves on pigs in blankets, mince pies and mulled wine. Our waistlines simply can’t take the strain. Nor can we justify spending half of our waking day in front of the tellie watching re-runs and dubious Christmas specials. Our bum-shaped dent in the sofa might never come out. No, no. As much as it pains me to say it, the time has come to put down the TV remote and step away from the… View Post

Teddy’s Winter Warmers – our favourite baby clothes and accessories to keep your little one warm this winter

With morning frosts, biting winds and snow on the way (I hope), the winter season is now well and truly upon us. Which means it’s time to turn up the central heating and dust off your winter woollies (if you haven’t already) in preparation for the chilly months ahead. But while we adults can warm our cockles with cups of hot chocolate, a draw full of thermal undies and bucket-loads of mulled cider, our little ones aren’t so fortunate. What with their weak necks, feeble attempts at grabbing and general inability… View Post

Time for a change – why dads need and deserve proper baby changing facilities too

Let’s cut straight to the point. Baby changing facilities for dads in the UK are an absolute joke. Despite the fact that there are nearly 700,000 new fathers made every year in this country (and a further million dads with kids under two), only a fraction of men’s toilets in the UK have baby changing facilities. In fact I’d go as far as saying that, as a dad, locating somewhere while out and about to change your baby, that is both private and hygienic, is about as easy… View Post