#MumBoss – exclusive interview with Emma Watson, founder of cool kidswear brand Little Hotdog Watson

Today, for our first in a series of exclusive interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs who are making waves in the parenting world, I’m pleased to introduce you to mum boss extraordinaire, the lovely Emma Watson. Not to be mistaken for her Harry Potter namesake, Emma is the incredibly talented founder of Little Hotdog Watson, the innovative new kidswear brand that’s taking the children’s fashion world by storm. So without further ado, here she is to tell us more about why technology and fashion are perfect bedfellows, the trials and… View Post

To babymoon or not to babymoon? That is the question…

Before we got pregnant, I was adamant that the concept of a babymoon was, frankly, ridiculous; a crazy fad that I would never succumb to myself. “A complete waste of money, at a time when you should be taking more responsibility for your family’s finances. The brainchild of some spotty marketing wanker, tasked with selling more cheap flights and package holidays,” I preached to anyone that would listen. But by the time our first pregnancy drew to a close back in August last year, I’m (slightly) ashamed to admit that we managed to… View Post

NHS Tongue Tie policy is failing new parents and needs to change – sign this petition to get the problem fixed, once and for all. 

If your baby had (or still has) a tongue tie, or if you know any new parents whose babies suffered from one, you will be well aware of the serious physical and emotional pain that tongue ties can cause. Every year, around 70,000 babies in the UK are born with a tongue tie. But despite being easily fixable with a tiny (and painless) snip, due to the limitations of current NHS policies and budgets, a huge proportion of these cases are misdiagnosed or left untreated for weeks on… View Post

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide – insider tips for dads, plus exclusive discounts! Major brownie points guaranteed…

Calling all dads and expectant papas…this is urgent. A very important date is fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing right now (if you haven’t done so already). Because on Sunday 26th March 2017, it’s Mother’s Day in the UK. And while you might not think this is important for you (or in any way your responsibility), think again. For mums across the country, this is one of the most important days of the year. Far bigger than Valentine’s Day (too cheesy), their birthday (too much focus on… View Post

Weaning – everything you’ll possibly need to start your baby on solids

There’s no denying the signs. He’s no longer fully satisfied by a bottle. He shoves anything and everything he can get his little hands on into his mouth. He gazes longingly at you anytime you dare to eat in his vicinity. It can only mean one thing…it’s time to start our weaning journey and introduce this baba to big boy food! It’s Sod’s law really. Just as you get used to one new routine, it all changes. No longer can you just get by with two boobs, a… View Post

The Perfect Stroller for Travel Loving Parents, Space Savers and City Dwellers

We have some rather exciting news…we’ve just booked our first proper family holiday! 10 days in sunny Greece this summer, and the preparations are all going well. The hotel’s booked. We’ve figured out how to assemble our ace new travel cot. Teddy’s passport application is all sorted and has been sent off for processing. We’ve even managed to find a flight that doesn’t leave at three in the morning. But the one thing still playing on our minds is; how the hell are we going to bring our big stroller… View Post

ASK THE EXPERT: Breastfeeding SOS…your questions answered

After sharing our breastfeeding story on the blog a few months ago, I was surprised and heartened to receive countless messages from other first time parents like us, both mums and dads, who were experiencing the exact same trials and tribulations as we were. From concerns around nipple pain, tongue ties and babies’ weight gain to questions about milk supply, pumping, breast milk vs. formula and how dads can contribute to the whole nursing process, I realised that so many of us still struggle to find the help we’re looking for online. And so,… View Post

Tales of a Working Mum – Life as a crazy multitasker

– Guest post from working mum, journalist and author Lucy Tobin from mum blog Run Out of Womb – Most parents can’t imagine bringing up a baby without their smartphone. There to fill time during the 3am feeds; there to Google ‘is this poo normal coloured?’; there to immortalise those cute smiles/conversations/tantrums on camera. But as a part-time working mum (and whilst I sometimes worry that my toddler’s first drawing of me could feature me clutching my iThing), I’m also really grateful for what it allows me to do:… View Post