Know a great dad? Don’t delay…tell them how special they are today!

I know, as men, we are extremely lucky. Sure, some of us smell, have hair growing out of our nostrils and, as a sex, are statistically more likely to pop our clogs nearly a decade earlier than our female counterparts. But we still have it pretty good. We earn more (on average), aren’t discriminated against in the workplace based on our gender or because we’re a dad, and we never have to personally experience periods or the dreaded menopause (every cloud…). However there remains one major area where men are overlooked by society on an almost daily basis:… View Post

10 essential baby items that got us through our first month of parenthood

As every new parent knows, during the latter stages of pregnancy, we are all bombarded with countless lists of essential baby items that we simply ‘must buy’ before our little one’s arrival. For the first timers among us, at around the 36 week mark, beset by a dangerous combination of confusion and fear, we dutifully set about buying anything and everything we can to ensure we are as prepared as possible for life with a new baby. Unfortunately this often results in over-buying; wasting money on things that… View Post

Ask the Expert: How to introduce your new baby to your dog

Throughout my entire adult life, I’ve dreamt of getting a dog. Man’s best friend…a tail wagging, always happy to see you, epitome of unconditional love. But being a Londoner with an intensive full time job, I was convinced by countless doggy owners that the time wasn’t right. “It’s cruel! You can’t leave a puppy in doggy daycare! Wait until you move out to the country” they said, “or at least until you have kids, so you or your wife can dedicate more time to looking after it.” So… View Post

Our Breastfeeding Story – big tits, occasional tears and little triumphs

Let me be straight from the start. I’m not here to extol the virtues of breastfeeding, of which there are clearly many. As celebrity chef Jamie Oliver discovered recently, you can get into serious trouble if found guilty of ‘mansplaining’ to mums about what they should do with their nipples… Discussing the topic on LBC radio earlier this year, he (I believe, well-intentionally) claimed about breastfeeding; “It’s easy, it’s more convenient, it’s more nutritious, it’s better, it’s free.” For some new parents, this may well be the case. But from our… View Post

The funniest dad jokes in the world…as voted for by the world’s funniest dads

Becoming a father for the first time is, in so many ways, a life changing event. But while every new dad quickly develops his own, unique parenting style, there is one quality that inextricably links us all…our instinctive and deep-seated love of dad jokes. For years, dad jokes have undoubtedly had a bad rep. Viewed by generations of embarrassed offspring as cringe-worthy, bad taste or just downright crap, so-called dad jokes have never received the comedy kudos they so thoroughly deserve. But today, all that is about to… View Post

Ask the Expert: Hypnobirthing…the birth technique everyone’s talking about

Exclusive interview with hypnobirthing guru Miriam Greaves When I first heard about hypnobirthing, I was sceptical, to say the least. With only a passing knowledge of the subject, at first glance it appeared to be a bit ‘wishy-washy’, somewhat ‘hippyish’ and, dare I say it, kind of unbelievable. After hearing countless horror stories from new parent friends and watching more episodes of ‘One Born Every Minute’ than I’d care to admit, the concept of a calm, serene and pain free labour seemed too good to be true. Nevertheless,… View Post

5 thoroughly thoughtful gifts that all new parents will love

There’s nothing quite like the arrival of a baby to make you realise just how generous your friends and family are. After the birth of a new babe, its parents are literally inundated with thoughtful gifts for their little cherub. From hats, baby grows and muslins, to teddies, toys and blankets, newborns today have never been luckier. But as a first time parent myself, I know from first-hand experience that, while every present is wholly unexpected and extremely generous, the gifts which really stand out from the crowd… View Post

Paternity Leave: a Mr Men guide for new dads

If you thought that paternity leave was merely an exercise in sleep deprivation, nappy changing and tea making, think again! As someone who has just completed two full-on weeks of parental leave, I’ve come to realise that the role that new dads play in this pivotal period is infinitely more than that. Which got me thinking. Which Mr Men characters can new dads look towards for advice on being the perfect dad during paternity leave? Unfortunately on closer inspection, it quickly became apparent that the existing group of Mr Men were wholly… View Post