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To my dearest readers…

Something monumental is currently taking place online, and I need your help!

This week, nominations have opened for the blogging community’s most prestigious event of the year, The Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2016 (#MADS2016), and I would be eternally grateful if you might consider nominating my blog – – in the Best New Blog and Best Pregnancy Blog categories.

So without further ado, here’s why I hope you’ll vote for me, along with my list of my favourite bloggers and vloggers who I’ll personally be nominating in each category for this year’s awards!

Since launching this dad-to-be pregnancy blog on 1 February 2016, I’ve done my darndest to provide you with my guy’s perspective on pregnancy, relationships and the journey to fatherhood, sharing with you my best advice, personal experiences and most embarrassing stories along the way.

It’s been an absolute ball so far, and the response from you lovely people has been incredible, with over 6000 blog views and 300 comments, alongside 750 new Instagram and 550 new Twitter followers over the same period. Meanwhile I’ve made some amazing new friends in the blogging community and beyond, who have been so supportive of little old me


To top it off, my blog has even extended into the physical world too, after one of my favourite posts inspired an incredible British artist (the wonderful no-me) to immortalise it in print, by turning it into a pregnancy greeting card and piece of art! Serious blogging highlight for me to-date!


Hopefully my blog posts have made you laugh, cry and smile in equal measure, but to convince anyone sitting on the fence, I’ve included below five of my favourite YOU THE DADDY posts for your consideration:

But hold your horses…it’s not all about me!

There are literally thousands of incredible dad, mum and parent bloggers out there who also deserve your nominations. Personally, I’ll be voting for the following excellent bloggers and vloggers in this year’s award, so do feel free to join me in sharing the love!

Best Schooldays Blog Award – because the fun doesn’t stop when your children start school!

My pick: Mr Kitney ( – hugely insightful stay at home dad and home schooler!

Best Lifestyle Blog Award – for blogs that share the very best of family life, from food and travel to politics and fashion

My pick: Mamalina ( – motherhood, travel and lifestyle from a hippy mum!

Best Writer Award – for bloggers who can paint a picture and capture a memory with the written word

My pick: Motherhood: The Real Deal ( – a bold, authentic, straight-talking and hilarious mum!

Best Use of Photography Award – whose pictures are just as powerful as the words they accompany

My pick: You Baby Me Mummy ( – because nobody puts baby in the corner!

Best Use of Video Award – for new parent bloggers who have taken YouTube by storm

My pick: The Dadhe ( – a bearded, tattooed, coffee loving, funny and honest new dad vlogger

Excitingly, I’ve also nominated one of the above for Blog of the Year, but I’ll leave you to guess which I picked. Needless to say, all of them would be deserved winners!

So, as the saying goes, the rest is up to you. If you would be willing to give YOU THE DADDY a nod by nominating me – – as Best New Blog and/or Best Pregnancy Blog, I promise I’ll love you forever.

Tots 100 Awards

Just 26 weeks and 4 days left to go ‘til our baby arrives…..

For anyone who has already nominated, do tell us who your favourite bloggers and vloggers were this year in the comments section below!

And for more daily updates, do keep in touch with @youthedaddy via InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.



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      25th March 2016 / 1:51 pm

      Very well deserved!!! Photo skills to aspire to! ❤️

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