A Wrist Watch like no other – Review and COMPETITION!

When I was recently invited to try out an innovative new wooden wrist watch from JORD, the request couldn’t have been more timely. You see, as a dad-to-be in the final weeks of pregnancy, and now as a real life father, time has never been more precious.

During the latter stages of pregnancy, I always felt that time was running out. It seemed there was never going to be enough time to prepare our home and buy all the kit we would need before our new baby’s arrival. The hours, days and weeks leading up to our son’s birth seemed to fly by in an instant. I literally had to make every second count.

And then, when my wife went into labour, time (again) was such an important factor. It was my job to time the length and regularity of each contraction. When the time came, it was my job to call the midwife and pass this vital information onto her. In fact, I never lost track of time throughout the entire birth until at 4:31am, our Teddy was born.

And now, as a new father, time continues to play a huge part in my daily routine. From logging the start time and duration of each feed, to ensuring my wife gets her pain relief medicine consistently ever four hours, I’ve never been more reliant on my wrist watch.

And my new wooden Frankie Ebony & Gold timepiece from JORD has not disappointed. Not only does its Swiss-made mechanism do the job for which it was intended (keeping time, obviously), it also looks bloody good in the process.

JORD Wrist Watch

I’m a big fan of its effortless minimalist design. The makers have stripped away any excesses and embellishments, and the watch is all the better for it.

I also love the fact that it is made almost entirely from one of the most sustainable resources around…wood.

I’ve had a number of watches in my time. A lovely metal Tag Heuer wrist watch that I was given for my 21st birthday. And more recently, a simple rubber strapped Swatch that I got last Christmas. But I gradually stopped wearing them both as their metal and rubber straps irritated my skin and made my wrists sweat. Something I haven’t experienced at all with my natural wooden wrist watch from JORD.

All in all, I’ve been really impressed, both with the watch itself but also with the JORD brand values:

“The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count,” they say.

And as a first time dad, that message couldn’t resonate more.

The importance of time - new wrist watch from JORD


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The contest is now live and will end on Sunday 30 October 2016. Good luck!


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