Maternity wear: what’s all the fuss about?

The maternity wear industry is big business across the world. But as I’ve learned over the past few months of pregnancy, it can be a veritable minefield for new mums-to-be. From ill-fitting tops and massive sack dresses, to swathes of stretchy elastic and cheap synthetic fabrics, it seems like almost every women’s fashion retailer out there now offers a small range of ‘maternity’ options. And yet it still remains almost impossible for my pregnant wife to find clothes that tick all the boxes, of being well-fitted and comfortable, while… View Post

Pillow talk: the perfect pregnancy threesome

Now, before you get too hot under the collar, let me be clear from the start. We haven’t invited one of our new NCT friends around for a steamy ménage à trois. Nor am I going to discuss with you the pros and cons of co-sleeping with a new baby. No, this post is about an entirely different kind of three-way; the one my wife and I are currently engaging in nightly…with our new pregnancy pillow. Like all real-life threesomes (or so I’ve heard) my wife took some persuading… View Post

The gross side of pregnancy – a poem for first time dads

After months of writing about the perks of pregnancy and all the things I’m looking forward to about being a dad, my pregnant wife suggested I take a different approach this week, by writing instead about all the less appealing things that come with growing a baby; AKA all the gross stuff that ‘what to expect’ books conveniently miss out. So to spare your (and her) blushes and avoid going into (too many) graphic details, let me fill you in, through the medium of poetry. And before you… View Post

A blogging good time – my first six months as a dad blogger

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And how the time has flown by since I launched YOU THE DADDY six months ago and embarked on this crazy blogging adventure. On discovering we were pregnant (on the first attempt, somehow), I could hardly contain my excitement and wanted to tell everyone our big news. But being just a few weeks into the process, of course we couldn’t…at least, not yet. So, as a dutiful first time dad, I immediately poured my attention into finding out… View Post

Is baby talk actually bad for my baby?

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, it’s highly likely that you’ll know the following two things about me. Firstly that I’m the proud uncle to twelve adorable nephews and nieces. And second, that I’m a complete stickler when it comes to punctuation and grammar. Add these two traits together and you’ll soon discover one of my biggest pet peeves; parents who communicate with their children (and, worse, with each other) in baby talk. Now I understand it can be difficult to hold back the ‘coochie-coos’ when in the… View Post

Dad in training – from modern man to handy man

I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m not what you’d call a manly man. Sure I drink real ale, I mow the lawn, I’m a proficient sportsman, I hate asking for directions and I’m about to become a father. But manly? Not so much. I guess, if we’re getting technical about it, you’d probably describe me instead as more of a modern man; I sing in a choir, I read, I write, I play music and I can’t for the life of me grow a beard or more than nine chest… View Post

Why choosing baby names is no fun at all

There’s nothing quite like picking out baby names to make you realise how many people you hate. From that creepy old neighbour and evil school bully who haunted your early childhood to that bunny-boiling ex and work colleague who always wreaks of BO, finding a baby name that you and your other half both love (and that doesn’t have negative connotations with ghosts of your past) can be a veritable minefield. It’s no wonder therefore that growing numbers of new parents today are shunning the conventional lists of popular baby names and… View Post

Is my pregnant wife a secret superhero?

I don’t believe in unicorns, ghosts or magic, but the signs that I’m living with a secret superhero are proving increasingly difficult to ignore. Now firmly into the third trimester of our first pregnancy, I’m convinced that my wife has super powers… My wife, the superhero First up, in the same way that all good superheroes start out, she’s been busy hand-stitching her own super-unique superhero costume. After bidding on, buying and borrowing piles of maternity clothes, she’s spent hours personally tailoring every item to fit over her… View Post