Getting creative for Father’s Day!

As children across the country make their final preparations for UK Father’s Day on 19 June, I can’t help but get rather wrapped up in all the excitement too. As, although I don’t have any children of my own quite yet, I know that come September (when our little one arrives), I will finally become a lifetime member of this illustrious group of deserving fathers who are celebrated annually for our dad jokes, dad dancing and general ‘dadliness’. So to get into the spirit of the occasion (and… View Post

First time parents – interviews from the front line (featuring SJ from The Mama Cave)

Pregnancy and parenthood can be daunting experiences for first time parents. So, as a support system for other first timers such as myself, I’m excited to share with you our second exclusive interview with another first time parent (this time a new mum!), who has generously offered to share her insights, highs and lows, top tips and words of encouragement from the front line of parenting. This week’s interview is with SJ, a first time mum from Birmingham (and creator of mum blog The Mama Cave), mother of Bambina… View Post

The coolest baby monitor for gadget-loving dads

Like most guys, I bloody love gadgets. And so, as a tech-loving expectant dad, there was no doubt in my mind that, when choosing a baby monitor for our firstborn baby (due this September), the outdated audio-only versions simply wouldn’t do. So when I was offered the chance to review the new Nest Cam HD-quality indoor wifi camera , I quite literally jumped at the chance.   The Nest Cam (retailing at £159) is a brilliant new device for modern parents that lets you stay connected to the things you care about most, whether that… View Post

20 weeks pregnant – what to expect at your anomaly ultrasound scan

After an intense first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the time has finally arrived for your anomaly ultrasound scan – a pivotal appointment whose name strikes fear into the hearts of most first time parents. While the chances of miscarriage after this stage of pregnancy are much smaller, this anomaly scan at 20 weeks provides your midwife with full disclosure about your baby’s health and development, checking everything from bone and organ development to blood flow and the strength of your baby’s heart. If anything is out of place,… View Post

Making contact with your baby for the first time

For weeks I’ve been desperately trying to make contact with my baby…but at just 21 weeks old (and still encased within my pregnant wife’s now sizeable belly), this mission is proving rather more difficult than I originally expected. Sure, I can talk to it, sing to it, even occasionally prod it, in search of a reaction. But as yet, the conversation (and poking) has been wholly one sided. I’ve even desperately taken to pressing my cheek against my wife’s tummy to listen for some sign of life, convincing… View Post

Father’s Day Giveaway!

Ahead of Father’s Day in the UK on 19 June, we’re excited to launch YOU THE DADDY’s first ever giveaway, giving you lucky people the chance to win this amazing bundle of presents for the deserving dad in your life (prize value £80)! This ultimate Father’s Day giveaway features six of my favourite dad-loving brands, who have all kindly donated a set of incredible prizes for you to win ahead of the big day, including: A very fitting Best Dad Ever mug from online customising retailer Zazzle UK A box of cool… View Post

A new hope for miscarriage sufferers across the UK

As readers of my blog will know, I’m passionate about raising miscarriage awareness, especially among first time parents, as unfortunately miscarriages are far more common than most of us realise. While to date my wife and I have been extremely lucky to avoid having to go through the immense pain of a miscarriage, after announcing our pregnancy news to the world I have been saddened to learn about a surprisingly large number of friends, family and readers of this blog who haven’t been so fortunate. Few people, for… View Post

Weeks 16 to 18 of pregnancy – what to expect

Now well into the second trimester of our first pregnancy, in weeks 16 to 18 the changes are coming in thick and fast, not only for my pregnant wife, but as it turns out, for me too! First and foremost, the biggest change (in every sense of the word) is her ever expanding bump, which is now standing out and proud for the whole world to see…regardless of how much she may try to hide it under baggy shirts and loose fitting tops. According to my man’s guide… View Post