Family Movie Review – The Jungle Book (2016)

Growing up, Disney’s animated adventure classic The Jungle Book (1967) was one of my all time favourite childhood movies. So after watching the trailer for the 2016 rebooted version of the film, and ever mindful that (with a baby on the way) our Sunday outings to the cinema are numbered, I decided to take the wife on a trip down memory lane to watch it. And let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed, as Disney and its team of CGI wizards seamlessly transported us from a packed London cinema into a… View Post

First time parents – interviews from the front line: featuring new dad @LadBabyOfficial

Pregnancy and parenthood can be daunting experiences for first time parents. So, as a support system for other first timers such as myself, I’m excited to launch a new series of real life interviews with actual first time parents, who have generously offered to share their insights, highs and lows, top tips and words of encouragement from the front line of parenting. This week we’ve been speaking with Mark, a first time dad and creator of the incredibly funny new dad blog Lad Baby. Originally from Nottingham but now… View Post

Is it a ghost? Is it a mouse? Or have we been struck by a case of the dreaded pregnancy brain?

As we near the halfway point of our pregnancy, something strange is afoot in our London flat. A new uneasy presence has moved in…an unexplainable creepiness that, frankly, is starting to freak me out. But while my wife genuinely believes we have a ghost living in our bathroom, I fear it may be something even more mystical in nature…the dreaded pregnancy brain. Let me explain… Over the past month, there have been two extremely odd incidents that, my pregnant wife assures me, are simply unexplainable through simple logic.… View Post

A worrying glimpse into my pregnant wife’s future mothering style

Let me start by saying that I love my wife dearly and have no doubt that she is going to be an incredible mother. However the other day, I caught a worrying and surprisingly-strict glimpse into her future mothering style which, I must admit, frightened me to the core. Picture the scene… (Photo by Tom Simpson via Compfight) ‘Twas a dark, wet and blustery night; one of those horrible stormy evenings in late-Spring where the rain doesn’t fall from above but rather hits you sideways, rendering any umbrella about… View Post

Top 5 gifts for new mums…plus 5 for new dads too!

Inspired by a pregnant friend and her husband who are due to give birth to their first baby any day now, I’ve been scouring the internet for original gifts to congratulate them on successfully navigating the past 9 months in one parent-shaped piece. Keen to avoid overloading them with the classic gifts of teddies, baby grows and muslins, of which they are sure to receive hundreds from doting family and friends, I searched instead for presents especially for the new parents themselves, rather than spoiling the tiny baby (who, let’s… View Post

How to win at weddings when you have a pregnant wife

I don’t know about you, but I bloody love weddings. The chance to belt out “I vow to thee my country” at the top of your voice during the church service; catching up with old friends; guilt free drinking for 10 hours straight before a series of competitive dance offs; more canapés, cake and cheese than you could possibly eat…need I say more? Unfortunately the party must come to an end eventually, and for many couples, that time comes when you get pregnant. As, for the next nine… View Post

Come on commuters…let’s stand up for pregnancy

On my way to work this morning, crammed into a packed Northern Line train like sardines in a tin can, I was reminded (yet again) of one of my biggest pet peeves of living in London; the way that huge swathes of commuters refuse to stand up and give up their seat for pregnant women on the city’s over-crowded underground. Despite clearly marked ‘priority’ seats located next to every train door, specifically designated for people who are disabled, pregnant or less able to stand, today, and far too… View Post

Will I experience hair loss during pregnancy?

Now before all the expectant mums out there start to panic, this post on hair loss during pregnancy is targeted mainly at the guys…the poor fathers-to-be whose luscious locks are under threat. One of the major perks of pregnancy for new mums (you know, aside from the famous ‘glow’ and of course the actual baby you get at the end of it) is that during the second trimester and beyond, most women experience an unexpected and positive change in their hair. As the pregnancy vitamins they have been… View Post