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Top 5 gifts for new mums…plus 5 for new dads too!

Inspired by a pregnant friend and her husband who are due to give birth to their first baby any day now, I’ve been scouring the internet for original gifts to congratulate them on successfully navigating the past 9 months in one parent-shaped piece.

Keen to avoid overloading them with the classic gifts of teddies, baby grows and muslins, of which they are sure to receive hundreds from doting family and friends, I searched instead for presents especially for the new parents themselves, rather than spoiling the tiny baby (who, let’s face it, doesn’t really have a clue what’s going on anyway!).

It was during this internet sweep that I stumbled across an awesome new website called www.topfivebaby.com which was set up to help make the process of buying baby kit easier, by researching, reviewing and recommending the top five of all the baby items you’re ever likely to need as new parents.

This ace new website for new parents, which is adding fresh content all the time, covers everything from buggies and high chairs to cots and – yes, you guessed it – their picks of the top five alternative presents for new mums.

In their words, “When buying gifts for new mums, flowers are a lovely idea, but are next to useless in helping her deal with such a major life change. So buy her something that shows her you know what she’s going through and that you care.”

I’ve got to admit, their list of recommended gifts for new mums is top notch, and all the products listed are super thoughtful, top quality and really good value, so I’m definitely going to be taking their advice for my friends when their new baby arrives. But this got me thinking…where’s the list of top gifts for new dads?

So, as well as profiling Top Five Baby’s excellent suggestions for gifts for new mums below, keep scrolling to see my own Top 5 recommended gifts for new dads too!

Top five gifts for new mums

Lady Bakewell-Park Biscuits

Because new mums need feeding too! As the saying goes, you should never turn up to meet a new baby without at least bringing a packet of nice biscuits for the new mother. And you simply can’t go wrong with these beautiful and delicious treats from Lady Bakewell-Park.

Her incredible biscuits, each covered in colourful marble-effect salted caramel icing, can be personalised to include your own pick-me-up message for the new mum and baby, and can even be delivered direct to her door. Each box of 12-15 biccies also comes with two luxury tea bags; everything your Mama friend needs for the perfect ten minute break between nappy changes!

£20 per box – available to buy (and personalise) here



Don’t Buy Her Flowers

The perfect treat for new mums, Don’t Buy Her Flowers is the ingenious idea of Steph Douglas, who has put together a unique range of thoughtful gift boxes as a great alternative to flowers (which can be a pain for new mums to sort out when trying to get accustomed to life with a new baby).

There are loads of gift options available to choose from, including boxes filled with delicious shortbread and a thermos flask (perfect for buggy trips), chocolates and champagne, pamper treats and everything else in between.

From £17.50 – available to buy here



Lara & Ollie teething jewellery

The ideal gift for style conscious new mums, these striking teething necklaces and colour-coordinating silicone bangles from Lara & Ollie are hugely practical and the perfect accessory for modern-day mothers.

Poles apart in the style stakes, mums, babies and toddlers alike are all immediately drawn to Lara & Ollie’s colourful bangles and necklaces and instinctively want to give them a good chew (in the case of babies and toddlers, at least).

And as the beads and bangles are made from food grade silicone that has been independently safety tested in the UK, they are completely safe! Seriously cool and a total bargain too.

Teething bangles (£6.95 each) and teething necklaces (£12.95) – available to buy here


Gifts for new mum Lara & Ollie teething necklace (original) 2

Yesmum cards

The perfect pick me up for new mums, these yesmum cards from Hollie de Cruz have been especially designed for new mums to help them deal with the huge life changes that come from having a new baby.

Drawing on techniques from mindfulness and hypnobirthing, each pack of 31 yesmum affirmation cards provides a daily pat on the back for new mums when it is needed most – a quick, straightforward way to access the power of positive programming and start each day with strength and self-assurance.

£10.50 for a pack of yesmum cards – available to buy here


Neal’s Yard Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

Motherhood is seriously hard work, and the constant routine of nappy changing, washing up and generally trying to maintain a clean/semi-sterile environment takes a serious toll on all new mothers’ busy hands.

So help your new mum buddy to put some moisture back into her hands in the most luxurious way possible by giving her some Neal’s Yard treats that she’ll adore using and will make her hands feel a bit more normal. The lemon essential oil used in both Neal’s Yard’s Citrus Hand Wash and Hand Lotion is a natural antibacterial and smells the opposite of nappies, so is sure to go down a treat!

£12.50 for the Neal’s Yard Citrus Hand wash – available to buy here



Top five gifts for new dads

Breaking Dad sweatshirt from Parent Apparel

If, like me, you’re a fan of dad jokes and Breaking Bad, these cool and tongue-in-cheek sweatshirts from Parent Apparel are the perfect gift for new fathers.

Set up to provide a fresh perspective on parenting, Parent Apparel doesn’t take itself too seriously and always manages to ‘find the fun’ in modern day parenting, which is why I have a lot of time for this brand and its collection of cool clobber designed especially for parents.

£40.00 – available to buy here


Personalised bottle of whisky from Glenfiddich

In my humble opinion, there’s no better (or more manly) way to toast a new baby’s arrival than with a large glass (or three) of single malt Scotch whisky.

What’s more, Glenfiddich now give you the option to buy personalised bottles of the brown nectar, which in my opinion make perfect gifts for new dads, as a means of passing on your congratulations while creating a fun and lasting memento of this life-changing event. Check out the personalised version I’ve been working on below!

£35.89 – available to buy (and personalise) here



‘A Visual Journey Through Fatherhood’ Print by Veronica Dearly

I love this witty hand-illustrated print from Veronica Dearly, which features an honest but un-patronising flow chart highlighting the beauty and magic (and also a few amusing pitfalls) of life as a father.

The perfect gift for either first time or experienced dads, to remind them that they’re in this for the long haul!

A bargain at just £10 – available to buy here



Teething jewellery for dads from Bo & Bel

Would you believe it, teething accessories are no longer solely for mums, and you can now buy ones especially designed for modern hands-on dads too. After all, why should mums get all the fun?

This unique range of teething necklaces from Bo & Bel were created for active dads in a range of man-friendly colours, with the added benefit of promoting daddy & baby bonding.

What’s more, Bo & Bel are generously donating 50% of their profits from all sales of these dad teething necklaces to Grief Encounters – a charity that supports thousands of new families in the UK through the trauma of losing a loved one – which is a wor thy campaign that deserves our support!

£10.00 – available to buy here

image image

And last, but by no means least…

The manliest baby carrier in the world

You literally can’t buy a more man-friendly baby carrier than the JACS Junior Adaptive Carrier System, which has been created “using military grade materials” (seriously, how cool is that?) to offer a stylish and functional baby-carrying system designed primarily for dads, and parents with an active outdoor lifestyle.

The JACS Starter Package comes complete with all of the components you’ll need to get started on your first baby-carrying “mission“, and consists of the harness, baby-carrier, and standard size backpack, giving you the flexibility to both front and back-carry your little adventurer.

For any new dads that love gadgets, gizmos and outdoor pursuits, this is absolutely the baby carrier for them, with the option to buy additional add-ons further down the line, which will allow them to build and adapt the system to their future needs. Seriously cool and comes highly recommended by the dad blogging community!

£125 for the Starter Package – this and more options available to buy here

image image


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog! As always, we’d love to hear from you, so if you have any suggestions for great gifts for new parents, please do share your top recommendations with the group via the comments section below.

And for more daily updates, do stay in touch with YOUTHEDADDY via Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and now Facebook!

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  1. 30th July 2016 / 10:00 pm

    Great ideas and love the funky teething necklace. It’s so true you get so much stuff for the baby that you probably already have anyway (3 Sophie la Jiraffes anyone?) The best gift I had second time round was for me – from mums in the know. A little hamper made up of Prosecco, biscuits, chcolates, nice tea bags and (oh, yes!) dry shampoo! Felt so much more personal.

  2. 21st April 2016 / 9:36 pm

    Great choices! I love the teething jewellery what a great idea and the breaking dad jumper is cool. My favourite is the don’t by me flowers box, a thermos is a must even now as as a mum/dad you never get a hot drink! TY for linking up to #FamilyFun

  3. Michael
    12th April 2016 / 11:21 pm

    Great post, and love the fact that dads have got a look-in there too, will definitely be using this.
    Although not sure you’d be allowed on a plane with that baby carrier.