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Ones to Watch: A list of the most exciting & innovative new baby brands set for greatness!

As a new dad, parent blogger and social media junkie, I come into contact with countless baby brands as part of my regular blogging and daily scrolling activity. But every so often online, you discover an absolute gem of a small business, that not only solves a problem but that, crucially, creates something truly unique that grabs your attention (and gets a flurry of likes in the process).

And so, to kick off the New Year in style, I thought I’d give a shout out to six of my favourite new baby brands, which I believe are set for greatness in 2017. Covering everything from baby food and accessories to clothing and nursing products, I suggest you keep an eye out for these awesome new small businesses. As, if that feeling in my gut is anything to go by, they won’t stay small for long!

2017 Ones To Watch blog


The most exciting new baby brands to look out for in 2017 


In a market dominated by fruit-based baby food, Babease is leading the pack with a new generation of vegetable-led, organic baby food.

Made in the UK with premium, organic ingredients, their innovative, flavour-full recipes are especially designed to introduce our little ones to savoury tastes right from the start, thus broadening their tiny palates (and minds)!

I first came across Babease at the recent Baby Show in London Olympia and was immediately blown away by the enthusiasm of their team and founder, chef Tom Redwood, who I’m due to interview for the blog later this month.

Since then, I’ve been seeing their products popping up everywhere I turn, from Boots to Amazon and Ocado. Clearly they have captured the attention of some big name retailers…and rightly so. Keep an eye out for them this year. I think they are going to be huge!


Magnet Mouse

When I discovered Magnet Mouse (another gem of a find at The Baby Show) I couldn’t believe my luck.

As a new dad, there is nothing that winds me up more than dressing my baby and clumsily fumbling over thousands of fiddly buttons and poppers on every item of clothing. I always thought, “There must be a better way!”

There is. The innovative baby wear range from Magnet Mouse is not only 100% organic, super soft and classically British in the design stakes; they’re also completely free from fiddly poppers and buttons! Instead, tiny magnetic fastenings are hidden away inside the stitching, allowing you to literally dress your baby in a matter of seconds.

Seeing their magnet buttoned baby grows in action is truly a sight to behold. And with a new maternity/nursing range of magnetic tops for breastfeeding mums just recently launched, they are surely destined for greatness in 2017.


Little Hotdog Watson

I came across this exciting new kidswear brand on Instagram shortly before they launched in May last year and have been an avid follower ever since. And I’m in good company…ace mummy blogger Mother Pukka is also a big fan.

What I love about Little Hotdog Watson is their ethos that kidswear can be better. Which is why it’s creator Emma Watson created the brand’s stand-out range of accessories for stylish kids. Using cool, colourful and durable fabrics as well as the latest cutting edge technologies, Little Hotdog Watson has come up with a collection of unique sun hats that kids actually WANT to wear (while getting the parents’ thumbs up too). I certainly wish I had had one growing up…

And I’m pleased to report, the business has gone from strength to strength ever since, winning the accolade of Best New Brand at the recent Dot to Dot awards, while expanding into new markets, from the UK and Australia to Singapore and Spain.

In 2017, Little Hotdog Watson is set to launch a number of new ranges including specially designed sunglasses (I’ve seen them and can confirm, they are epic) as well as winter hats. Keep your eye on this one…I think you (and your kids) are going to love them.


Avery Row

Another of my best Instagram finds is the wonderful Avery Row, who grabbed the attention of parents everywhere last year with their popular Go Everywhere Mat; an indispensable baby playmat for the sociable mum/dad/baby team on the go.

What sets Avery Row apart from other similar brands in their space, is their love of fresh colours and soft geometric inspired prints. In a world of either painfully dull or overly-garish designs, their styles truly stand out from the crowd. Just perfect for design conscious parents who don’t want their kids bedroom to look like a Disney store just exploded all over it.

This year, keep an eye out for their awesome new fitted cot bed sheets, inspired by the simplicity and colours of Scandinavian style, which add a touch of cool to any nursery. Judging by the amount of press attention they’re getting in the likes of Vogue, Little London and Smallish Magazine, I suspect it won’t be long before Avery Row becomes a household name.


Little Blue Nest

Little Blue Nest was hatched in November 2016 and is a breath of fresh air in the highly competitive (though usually same same) market of swaddling accessories. Their range of seriously cute organic cotton swaddles are truly unique, featuring a hand illustrated collection of patterns inspired by the little critters found in the English countryside, from rabbits and robins to foxes and badgers.

What’s more, these swaddling blankets are not mass manufactured or mass marketed, but rather thoughtfully designed, well-conceived and well made, with beautifully unique designs that you won’t find in your typical high street baby shop.

I really can’t think of anything nicer to wrap your newborn baby in, and I’ve been recommending them to every new parent I meet. The perfect gift on the arrival of a new baby, I urge you to check them out!



I first came across HushCush on Twitter, before bumping into their founder Jana Howard in person at a recent trade show. It was there that I got the chance to try out their flagship product, the portable HushCush nursing pillow, at which point I realised…we just had to have one.

You see, their cleverly designed nursing pillow, which slides neatly onto your forearm, allows both mums AND dads (wherever they are) to hold their baby in the optimal position for both breast and bottle feeding (tummy-to-tummy), at the same time as ensuring maximum comfort for the parents too. No sore arms or shoulders while feeding with this pillow!

I can categorically say that is has transformed our lives, coming everywhere with us and our baby, making feeding on the go an absolute breeze.

And 2017 is set to be another big year for HushCush, which has just recently taken on bébélephant as its official UK and Irish distributor. I’m expecting big things from this one!


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s feature and that you too will throw your support behind these awesome small businesses!

While we’re on the subject, if you know any other brilliant new baby brands that you think deserve special mention, go ahead and give them a shoutout in the comments section below.

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