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The one where I married Rosie

Our wedding day

Exactly two years ago today, something amazing happened. Rosie and I got hitched! And while so much has happened in our lives since that amazing day, I still get properly choked up whenever I think back to it.

So, to mark our two year anniversary today, I thought I’d share with you all a little slice of nostalgia from the big day itself, including our highlights video, some of my favourite photos (taken by the amazing wedding photographers Sacco & Sacco), and even a cheeky extract from my wedding speech for you all to enjoy…

Happy Anniversary boo! I love you xxx


Rosie & Giles’ Vintage Video from James Bishop on Vimeo.

A special extract from my wedding speech

Cast your minds back five years…

I was living in Earlsfield with my good friends Katie and JP, when his girlfriend of the time (now wife, Annie) asked if she could bring her big sister along for supper, as she’d just come back from India and was at a loose end.

Now as many of you will have heard me say, I’m a firm believer that women like men who make them laugh, and men like women who laugh at their jokes…based on that alone, this was clearly a match made in heaven.

Literally every wise crack I made that night sent Rosie into fits of giggles…not that I was necessarily even saying anything particularly funny. I think at one point I just asked for the peas and she nearly wet herself. But needless to say, I definitely felt a spark that night and we’ve both been laughing ever since…

Our wedding day

You see, before we met, what people didn’t realise was just how high our standards were for a lifelong mate…

For me, I always said my ideal wife would be a combination of Kirstie Allsopp and Sarah Beeny – both older ladies, homemakers with an eye for design, crafty (in the FIMO and PVA glue kind of way), who would guarantee we’d always live in the perfect home in the best location (location location)…

For Rosie, she was aiming even higher, harbouring a secret crush on Robbie Williams and a not so secret love affair with Coldplay’s Chris Martin – both international rock stars, adored by thousands of women.

I know what you’re thinking – we’ve both got exactly what we wanted.

Our wedding day

Rosie is one of a kind…a loyal and thoughtful friend, a lover of tradition and all things antique. She’s also hugely modest, which means she is unable to see in herself all the amazing things that we see in her every day.

Rosie…I’ve never met anyone so caring and hardworking as you. As the saying goes, Saturday’s child works hard for a living and for Rosie, this couldn’t be more accurate.

What you’ve achieved in your working life is so inspiring and immensely brave, taking the life changing decision to switch careers and become the best healthcare assistant that your hospital has ever seen. The way that you look after each and every one of your patients, and the passion you have for your job is just incredible. They are so lucky to have you, as am I…

Our wedding day

And then of course there’s Rosie’s creativity; one of the things I love most about her. Her ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, the simple into the sublime. You’ve enriched all of our lives with your immense talents and you amaze us all every day.

Of course, for someone blessed with so many rare and charming qualities, there are inevitably going to be some that are more rare and less charming than others…

Our wedding day

Before I met Rosie, I thought I was a perfectionist. But it turns out I wasn’t even scraping the surface.

When it comes to pure, unrivalled, some might say ‘anally retentive’ perfectionism, Rosie really takes the biscuit. For anyone who has been to our home, you will have noticed it is completely spotless, how the books on our shelves are all perfectly arranged in height order, and how every nick and nack in the flat is perfectly positioned. It’s an absolute nightmare for cleaners, of which we’ve probably had about a hundred so far…

I hear what you’re saying…what’s he complaining about? That sounds bloody brilliant! But while she looks like an angel today…sneak a chocolate biscuit out of the tin or move an ornament on the mantle piece an inch to the right, and incur her wrath. As the saying goes, the devil’s in the detail…

Our wedding day

But Rosie, as it turns out, I’m secretly a lover of the little details too, especially when it comes to you…

  • The way your eyes squint closed when you smile, even when you try your hardest to keep them open;
  • How you look in the morning when I leave for work;
  • The way your voice becomes a little bit Indian when speaking to anyone with even the slightest foreign accent;
  • And how, with the entire English language to choose from, you still manage to create your own words when you it suits your particular needs…

Some of my favourites include:

  • Ruckling – the act of creasing the bed sheets, or used as a verb: “I woke up this morning to find you had completely ruckled the bed”


  • Pluffed – plumping and fluffing a pillow at the same time, or used as an adjective: “Ah yes, now this pillow is perfectly pluffed.”

Our wedding day

Rosie, I love you so much. And in front of all our friends and family on our wedding day;

I promise to keep your pillows properly pluffed, our sheets unquestionably unruckled and our book shelves perfectly perpendicular;

I promise to support you in everything you do, encouraging your creativity and never dampening your spirit;

And I promise now and always to love you no matter what, and do everything I can to keep you doing that squinty smile for the rest of our lives.

Our wedding day


So there we have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reliving our wedding day with us. It really was the best day…I just can’t believe how quickly the last two years have flown by?!

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