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Dress like a dad – My Must-Haves from M&S this autumn

It took me a long time to find my own personal style. Looking back at old family photo albums, there have certainly been a lot of cringe-worthy fashion misses along the way; which, I now realise, usually happened when I tried to look like someone I wanted to be, rather than who I actually was.

Like my skater look of the mid 90s (despite giving away my skateboard years’ earlier on account of having no natural balance!), fit with XXL hoodies, oversized Kickers and, of course, baggy jeans hanging halfway down my bum to show off my black and white Calvin’s.

My Must-Haves - fashion no no

Or my gap year tragedy surfer look of the early noughties (after going surfing twice and convincing myself I was Keanu Reeves in Point Break), decked out with beaded necklaces, boardies, No Fear t-shirts and topped off with my shoulder-length bleached blonde barnet.

My Must-Haves - surfer fail

And who could forget (I wish I could but sadly there’s too much photographic evidence on Facebook) that unfortunate period during Uni where I thought it would be a good idea to dress head to toe in Jack Wills, pairing rugby shirts and polo shirts with the same bedraggled pair of bright red baggy sweatpants.

My Must-Haves - fashion misses

But (thankfully) I’m now older, wiser and just a tad more aware of what clothes actually suit me, to avoid the fashion fads of my teenage years and early 20s. I now understand that when you’re big and tall like me, it’s not about hiding beneath baggy clothes and distracting prints.

Today, I dress how I like (not how everyone expects me to).

So, when Marks and Spencer challenged me to put together my ‘must-have look’ from their new 2018 Autumn/Winter collection, it was anything but challenging.

I know who I am. I’m 33, married, and a working dad. We’ve just moved out to the country but I still commute into London every day for my job in the City.

I like to be smart, choosing classic tailoring, complementary tones and versatile pieces that seamlessly transfer from the country to the City. From the office to nights on the town. Not fast fashion, but rather timeless designs that are functional, look good, and (crucially) are built to last.

So, without further ado, keep scrolling for My Must-Haves from Marks and Spencer this season – my Working Dad look – including links of where you can find each item!

Return of the mac

My Must-Haves - return of the mac

Head to toe

My Must-Haves - hooded mac

Navy Hooded Mac with Stormwear technology – my top pick! Cosy, water resistant, with an integrated hood, adding a modern twist to the classic mac design.

Luxury collection Pure Cotton Shirt – there’s nothing more versatile than the classic white shirt, with double cuffs making it smart enough for work, and easy-iron technology to save on the daily dadmin…

Pure cashmere scarf – I hate being overheated, so will always choose a scarf over a sweater during the autumn months. And they don’t come more luxurious than this claret-coloured cashmere beauty…

My Must-Haves - bottom half

Pure Cotton Chinos – my personal must-have for the smart/casual style…these ones are Dark Stone and slim fit, for the more modern look.

Leather Double Keeper Chino Belt – essential to keep the working dad look smart all day long, while avoiding the ‘underwear-on-show’ faux pas of my teenage years…

My Must-Haves - Chelsea Boots

Rich Brown Leather Chelsea Boots – when the weather turns, a pair of leather boots are a must, and they don’t come much cooler than these classic Chelsea Boots, which are brand new in this season…


And there we have it – my must-haves from Marks and Spencer’s new Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, which is out now!

Click here to check out the full range and choose your own M&S must-haves today!

My Must-Haves - dress like a dad


AD | This sponsored post has been written in collaboration with Marks and Spencer as part of their #mymusthaves campaign!


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