Weeks 16 to 18 of pregnancy – what to expect

Now well into the second trimester of our first pregnancy, in weeks 16 to 18 the changes are coming in thick and fast, not only for my pregnant wife, but as it turns out, for me too! First and foremost, the biggest change (in every sense of the word) is her ever expanding bump, which is now standing out and proud for the whole world to see…regardless of how much she may try to hide it under baggy shirts and loose fitting tops. According to my man’s guide… View Post

Week 9 of pregnancy – what to expect

For impatient dads in waiting such as myself, I’m afraid to report that week 9 of pregnancy was really rather uneventful, based on our experience. From the outside at least, it’s pretty much just business as usual…somewhat of a tumbleweed week if you will. Russ Thompson via Compfight Sure her boobs have grown a little larger (I check daily, as I think I’ve mentioned), while the pregnancy cravings and occasional unpredictable mood swings are ever present. But comparatively, it’s all rather dull after the major high of our… View Post