Seven miscarriages – one dad’s emotional story of love, loss and looking for answers

As many of you know, I am passionate about raising awareness of miscarriages, particularly among expectant dads, as unfortunately they are far more common than most of us realise. So, when I was contacted by Graham, a reader of the blog who wanted to share his story after suffering in silence through the pain of seven miscarriages, I was more than happy to give him the platform to do so. You see, even in today’s modern world, there is still so much stigma around men and miscarriages, with… View Post

The gross side of pregnancy – a poem for first time dads

After months of writing about the perks of pregnancy and all the things I’m looking forward to about being a dad, my pregnant wife suggested I take a different approach this week, by writing instead about all the less appealing things that come with growing a baby; AKA all the gross stuff that ‘what to expect’ books conveniently miss out. So to spare your (and her) blushes and avoid going into (too many) graphic details, let me fill you in, through the medium of poetry. And before you… View Post

Is it a ghost? Is it a mouse? Or have we been struck by a case of the dreaded pregnancy brain?

As we near the halfway point of our pregnancy, something strange is afoot in our London flat. A new uneasy presence has moved in…an unexplainable creepiness that, frankly, is starting to freak me out. But while my wife genuinely believes we have a ghost living in our bathroom, I fear it may be something even more mystical in nature…the dreaded pregnancy brain. Let me explain… Over the past month, there have been two extremely odd incidents that, my pregnant wife assures me, are simply unexplainable through simple logic.… View Post

Will I experience hair loss during pregnancy?

Now before all the expectant mums out there start to panic, this post on hair loss during pregnancy is targeted mainly at the guys…the poor fathers-to-be whose luscious locks are under threat. One of the major perks of pregnancy for new mums (you know, aside from the famous ‘glow’ and of course the actual baby you get at the end of it) is that during the second trimester and beyond, most women experience an unexpected and positive change in their hair. As the pregnancy vitamins they have been… View Post

10 unexpected perks of being an expectant dad

For those of you who read my recent post on early pregnancy symptoms, you may be excused for thinking that the first trimester is defined by months of mood swings, morning sickness and mandatory foot massages. But I’m pleased to report that there are in fact a wealth of widely unreported and largely unexpected perks of being a dad-to-be during the first three months of pregnancy, 10 of which I will exclusively share with you now. DISCLAIMER: Every pregnancy is different, and perhaps I’ve just been extremely lucky… View Post

Pregnancy mood swings and how expectant dads can help reduce them

As we enter week 8 of our first pregnancy, the heady euphoria of the past two months has been replaced by something altogether more sinister, as the most unpleasant pregnancy symptoms officially take hold. You may recall from my blog last week, “Life as an impatient Dad in waiting”, I was desperate for the morning sickness to kick in (sadistic, I know), just to give us both some outward sign that the pregnancy was progressing as it should. But let me tell you, this week the nausea has… View Post

The wonderful world of pregnancy cravings

As every good woman knows, the surest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And let me tell you, in week 7 of our journey towards parenthood, with pregnancy cravings now in full swing, my stomach (and I) couldn’t be happier. In the months before we started trying for a baby, my wife decided to enforce, with dictatorial relish, a strict and severe healthy eating regime to ensure we were in tip top shape to conceive. She dusted off her dreaded Hemsley + Hemsley cookbook (my… View Post