How our pregnancy announcement turned me into an office hero

Ever since receiving the all clear at our 12 week ultrasound on Monday, I’ve been toying with ideas about how I should announce our pregnancy news to my colleagues in the office. Should I subtly send a mass group email to everyone, requesting two weeks parental leave for September? Or just tell a few people that we’re pregnant and let the news disseminate naturally around the office all by itself? Little did I know that in fact my unscheduled pregnancy revelation was about to make me the undisputed… View Post

The best social media pregnancy announcements – one for every personality type!

With the excitement of your 12 week scan starting to die down, and having already informed your nearest and dearest friends and family of your baby news in person, the time has finally come to share your pregnancy announcement with the world via social media! So to help you decide on what approach you and your partner should take, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite online pregnancy announcements – one for every personality type – all perfectly suited to sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever digital platform you… View Post

Announcing you’re pregnant? Say it with a card!

For some time I have loved and admired the drawings of no-me, AKA British illustrator, artist and card designer Naomi Dawson. Her simple, yet funny greeting cards and prints showcase her unique observations of modern day love and everyday life, often depicting many of her (and my) favourite English household items, from Marmite to Heinz baked beans. And as my Instagram followers will know, for some time I’ve been a huge fan of her pregnancy announcement cards and congratulatory cards for new parents, which are right on the… View Post

Does everyone already know that we’re pregnant?

We’re nearing the end of week 11 of our first pregnancy and, having not yet had our 12 week scan, our exciting news is still very much TOP SECRET. But have our white lies over the past few weeks been believed or has everyone already figured out that we’re expecting? Having been married for about nine months, the rumour mill is already in full swing, turning any outward irregularity or break from routine into a flashing red light, exclaiming “Hey, look over here! We’re having a baby!”  Every… View Post

Expect embarrassing questions when telling your parents that you’re pregnant

We’re nearing the end of week 10 of our pregnancy and, being the terrible secret keepers that we are, my wife and I decided that we couldn’t hold back our exciting news from our parents any longer. Unfortunately we were wholly unprepared for the barrage of embarrassing questions that would soon put us right off our lunch… Here’s what happened; After deciding to tell both sets of parents our baby news, we agreed to avoid any elaborate over-dramatic performance in favour of the more “quick and painless” approach,… View Post