10 essential baby items that got us through our first month of parenthood

As every new parent knows, during the latter stages of pregnancy, we are all bombarded with countless lists of essential baby items that we simply ‘must buy’ before our little one’s arrival. For the first timers among us, at around the 36 week mark, beset by a dangerous combination of confusion and fear, we dutifully set about buying anything and everything we can to ensure we are as prepared as possible for life with a new baby. Unfortunately this often results in over-buying; wasting money on things that… View Post

Our Birth Story – the day our lives changed forever

It was Thursday 25 August, eight months into our first pregnancy and everything was going perfectly to plan. We’d been in hospital the day before for our 36 week midwife appointment and all was well with the world. The baby was engaged and in the right position. We’d filled out our birth preferences in our maternity notes. And we’d even taken a tour of the amazing Birth Centre at Chelsea & Westminster hospital, thus cementing our grand plans for a natural, instrument and epidural-free water birth at some… View Post

Baby news…it’s a boy!!

I am incredibly excited and immensely proud to formally introduce you to our new baby boy, our son, Teddy, who was born on Saturday 27 August at 4:31am. So eager to meet you all, Teddy arrived much earlier than expected (three weeks and four days before his due date, on the first day of my wife’s maternity leave, no less!). But despite this, he weighed in at a healthy 7lbs (3.1 kg) at birth, which was a massive relief given his premature status. For any pregnant couples who… View Post

Top 5 gifts for new mums…plus 5 for new dads too!

Inspired by a pregnant friend and her husband who are due to give birth to their first baby any day now, I’ve been scouring the internet for original gifts to congratulate them on successfully navigating the past 9 months in one parent-shaped piece. Keen to avoid overloading them with the classic gifts of teddies, baby grows and muslins, of which they are sure to receive hundreds from doting family and friends, I searched instead for presents especially for the new parents themselves, rather than spoiling the tiny baby (who, let’s… View Post

The 14 different reactions you’ll hear when announcing your pregnancy news

When the time comes to announce your pregnancy news to the world, you may be expecting just one or two standard reactions from your nearest and dearest; excitement and congratulations. But in reality, from our experience there are actually a bucket load of unexpected responses you’ll receive from your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers…so far the tally is at 14 and counting! Here goes… Extreme excitement – from squeals of delight and excitable ‘whoops’ to tears of happiness and jumping for joy. Usually supplied in abundance by your family… View Post

Damn you Daylight Savings! One hour less sleep this weekend…

At 1am this Sunday night, we will all be magically transported into the future as the clocks around the country go forward by an hour, in line with British Daylight Savings time. While for most people this will only have the tiniest impact on their lazy Sunday lie in, my thoughts turn to all the parents out there who must usually dread this time of year. As, although the clocks have moved forward, our body clocks (and those of our children) definitely have not, resulting in serious issues when it comes… View Post

Will my experiences as an uncle make me a good dad?

I can’t lie…I think of myself as being a pretty awesome uncle; my nephews’ and nieces’ “absolute favourite” according to my child-laden older siblings. But can your experiences as an uncle ever truly prepare you for the trials and tribulations of fatherhood? Let me start by saying that I am somewhat of a special case. Being the proud uncle of nearly a football team worth of kids under the age of nine, I’ve learnt a huge range of skills that – WARNING: SMUG ALERT – most first-time dads can only dream of.… View Post