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12 teething toys you can find (for free) around the house

As every new parent knows, trying to predict which toys your baby will love (and which they’ll throw behind the sofa, never to be seen again) is impossible to predict. Nine times out of ten, you’ll buy your little one a new toy – lauded as a multi-sensory sensation that’s loved by all babies that come into contact with it – only to be thoroughly disappointed when they completely reject it in favour of playing with the box or bag that you brought it home in. And as we’ve experienced, the same game of ‘baby roulette’ applies when it comes to teething toys.

While our Teddy of course loves all the classic teething accessories – like his Sophie La Girafe, the blue Matchstick Monkey and his Lara & Ollie teething necklace – even the most innovative products on the market cannot remain a firm favourite forever. Whether they’re surreptitiously flung from the pram (and end up in some department store’s Lost & Found) or rudely ditched in favour of something more shiny / closer to hand, it seems that for babies, as well as for adults, variety is still the spice of life.

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

But I’m pleased to report that the answer to this first world parenting problem is actually relatively simple. As we’ve found recently, teething babies will shove pretty much anything into their mouths, most of which, thankfully, do the job (almost) as well as a toy or teething accessory designed specifically for the job. And even better, so many of these alternatives are regular household items which you can find for free around your own home.

Now, completely flouting the rules (as I’m sure this post goes against years of painstaking research and about a thousand health & safety guidelines) I thought I’d share with you a countdown of Teddy’s all-time favourite household teething accessories that can fill the gap when Sophie La Girafe goes walkabout. So, keep scrolling to see who made it to Number One!

Because at the end of the day, when the only way to calm a teething baby is to give them something to munch on (and you just can’t find the bloody rice cakes anywhere), sometimes we, as parents, are forced to improvise…

A Countdown of Teddy’s Favourite Household Teething Toys

12. The Tasty Toothbrush

Both functional and educational to promote good dental hygiene from a young age. Two birds, yadah yadah…

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

11. Yummy Coasters

Perfect for both avoiding unsightly watermarks on your coffee table and for teething babies to nibble on.

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

10. Tempting Tins

Unopened, obvs, if you want to avoid a guaranteed blood bath…

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

9. Calorific Car Keys

Just make sure these don’t end up getting chucked behind the sofa or you’ll be walking to the supermarket from now on…

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

8. Titillating Toiletries

Basically any product with a solid lid that passes the ‘would this explode in my suitcase’ test…

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

7. Granny’s Savoury Silver Bracelet

Also available in other (less precious) metals…but avoid anything beaded or with small parts for obvious reasons.

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

6. Mouthwatering Food Pouches

A great little amuse bouchée before meals, while keeping idle fingers occupied and tantrums minuses once the pouch’s contents are “all gone”…

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

5. The Scrummy Spoon

Teddy here, bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’.

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

4. A book you can really sink your teeth into

I mean, I would rather he was actually reading the book (rather than eating it), but I suppose it’s a good place to start…

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

3. A Palatable Plastic Cup

Whether it’s a hardwearing plastic picnic cup or one of those cheapo disposable jobbies you find at all good water fountains, they’re a real winner with teething babas, while teaching them how to drink like a grown up at the same time.

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

2. An Enticing Calpol Syringe

I don’t know what it is about these mini medicine dispensers but Teddy can’t get enough of them (he cries if you dare take it off him after bath time).

Teddy's favourite teething accessories

1. The Delicious Whisk

The ultimate teething toy in our house…multi-sensory, old-school, gum-soothing and, ultimately, delicious!

Teddy's favourite teething accessories


So does your little one use any of these random household teething toys too? Or are there any random alternatives that are big in your house? As always, we’d love to hear from you, so please do share your experiences and recommendations in the comments section below!

And for more from me,  you can stay in touch with YOU THE DADDY via Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


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  1. Natalie
    21st June 2017 / 7:55 am

    Our boy loves his blocks and absolutely anything he can get his hands on he really likes to chew on the metal bar on the shopping trolley that is a bit of a pain and I have seen him trying to have a cheeky bite of the glass tv cabinet hahaha bless them loved this post 🙂

      21st June 2017 / 8:13 am

      Haha AMAZING! Teddy’s definitely had a go on the shopping trolley handlebar too! I saw this amazing parenting hack the other day, where someone had one of those foam spaghetti floaters for the pool, which they cut in half, sliced along the long edge, and stuck over the bar on the supermarket trolley for the baby to chew on instead of the dirty bar. Ingenious!