Maternity wear: what’s all the fuss about?

The maternity wear industry is big business across the world. But as I’ve learned over the past few months of pregnancy, it can be a veritable minefield for new mums-to-be. From ill-fitting tops and massive sack dresses, to swathes of stretchy elastic and cheap synthetic fabrics, it seems like almost every women’s fashion retailer out there now offers a small range of ‘maternity’ options. And yet it still remains almost impossible for my pregnant wife to find clothes that tick all the boxes, of being well-fitted and comfortable, while… View Post

Pillow talk: the perfect pregnancy threesome

Now, before you get too hot under the collar, let me be clear from the start. We haven’t invited one of our new NCT friends around for a steamy ménage à trois. Nor am I going to discuss with you the pros and cons of co-sleeping with a new baby. No, this post is about an entirely different kind of three-way; the one my wife and I are currently engaging in nightly…with our new pregnancy pillow. Like all real-life threesomes (or so I’ve heard) my wife took some persuading… View Post

Is baby talk actually bad for my baby?

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, it’s highly likely that you’ll know the following two things about me. Firstly that I’m the proud uncle to twelve adorable nephews and nieces. And second, that I’m a complete stickler when it comes to punctuation and grammar. Add these two traits together and you’ll soon discover one of my biggest pet peeves; parents who communicate with their children (and, worse, with each other) in baby talk. Now I understand it can be difficult to hold back the ‘coochie-coos’ when in the… View Post

Why choosing baby names is no fun at all

There’s nothing quite like picking out baby names to make you realise how many people you hate. From that creepy old neighbour and evil school bully who haunted your early childhood to that bunny-boiling ex and work colleague who always wreaks of BO, finding a baby name that you and your other half both love (and that doesn’t have negative connotations with ghosts of your past) can be a veritable minefield. It’s no wonder therefore that growing numbers of new parents today are shunning the conventional lists of popular baby names and… View Post

Top 5 gifts for new mums…plus 5 for new dads too!

Inspired by a pregnant friend and her husband who are due to give birth to their first baby any day now, I’ve been scouring the internet for original gifts to congratulate them on successfully navigating the past 9 months in one parent-shaped piece. Keen to avoid overloading them with the classic gifts of teddies, baby grows and muslins, of which they are sure to receive hundreds from doting family and friends, I searched instead for presents especially for the new parents themselves, rather than spoiling the tiny baby (who, let’s… View Post

How to win at weddings when you have a pregnant wife

I don’t know about you, but I bloody love weddings. The chance to belt out “I vow to thee my country” at the top of your voice during the church service; catching up with old friends; guilt free drinking for 10 hours straight before a series of competitive dance offs; more canapés, cake and cheese than you could possibly eat…need I say more? Unfortunately the party must come to an end eventually, and for many couples, that time comes when you get pregnant. As, for the next nine… View Post

Come on commuters…let’s stand up for pregnancy

On my way to work this morning, crammed into a packed Northern Line train like sardines in a tin can, I was reminded (yet again) of one of my biggest pet peeves of living in London; the way that huge swathes of commuters refuse to stand up and give up their seat for pregnant women on the city’s over-crowded underground. Despite clearly marked ‘priority’ seats located next to every train door, specifically designated for people who are disabled, pregnant or less able to stand, today, and far too… View Post

Announcing you’re pregnant? Say it with a card!

For some time I have loved and admired the drawings of no-me, AKA British illustrator, artist and card designer Naomi Dawson. Her simple, yet funny greeting cards and prints showcase her unique observations of modern day love and everyday life, often depicting many of her (and my) favourite English household items, from Marmite to Heinz baked beans. And as my Instagram followers will know, for some time I’ve been a huge fan of her pregnancy announcement cards and congratulatory cards for new parents, which are right on the… View Post