Paternity Leave: a Mr Men guide for new dads

If you thought that paternity leave was merely an exercise in sleep deprivation, nappy changing and tea making, think again! As someone who has just completed two full-on weeks of parental leave, I’ve come to realise that the role that new dads play in this pivotal period is infinitely more than that. Which got me thinking. Which Mr Men characters can new dads look towards for advice on being the perfect dad during paternity leave? Unfortunately on closer inspection, it quickly became apparent that the existing group of Mr Men were wholly… View Post

How our pregnancy announcement turned me into an office hero

Ever since receiving the all clear at our 12 week ultrasound on Monday, I’ve been toying with ideas about how I should announce our pregnancy news to my colleagues in the office. Should I subtly send a mass group email to everyone, requesting two weeks parental leave for September? Or just tell a few people that we’re pregnant and let the news disseminate naturally around the office all by itself? Little did I know that in fact my unscheduled pregnancy revelation was about to make me the undisputed… View Post