Tales of a Working Mum – Life as a crazy multitasker

– Guest post from working mum, journalist and author Lucy Tobin from mum blog Run Out of Womb – Most parents can’t imagine bringing up a baby without their smartphone. There to fill time during the 3am feeds; there to Google ‘is this poo normal coloured?’; there to immortalise those cute smiles/conversations/tantrums on camera. But as a part-time working mum (and whilst I sometimes worry that my toddler’s first drawing of me could feature me clutching my iThing), I’m also really grateful for what it allows me to do:… View Post

Tales of a Stay at Home Dad: Relinquishing control…

• Guest post from Stay at Home Dad blogger Gavin Fitzpatrick from Moo and Me • Readers of my blog will already be keenly aware of my control freak nature. Of how I like to have everything in order. And how I am only truly happy if (please read the next sentence with your best Gestapo accent) – ze nap times are corvect, food for ze veek is vell planned, dogs are valked, dogs are zen played viz, and ze house iz properly organised und spotlessly clean… Seriously. I’m… View Post