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The realities of parenting…20 hilarious illustrations that show what parent life is really like!

Judging by the picture perfect parents we’re bombarded with by baby brands and advertising executives on an almost daily basis, you’d be excused for thinking that parenting was the easiest job in the world.

But as the initiated amongst us know, the realities of parenting are somewhat less perfect, less sugar-coated and decidedly less airbrushed. For instance, I’ve yet to come across a new parent who smiles their way through another toxic nappy change. Or a mum who looks fresh as a daisy (with a full face of makeup) during a 3am cluster feed…

Because at the end of the day, there ain’t nothing glamorous about baby-led weaning, wearing clothes that perennially smell of old milk or realising you’ve got someone else’s poo on your finger.

However, every once in a while you find a kindred soul in the parenting community who just gets it. Someone who doesn’t live for Instagram filters and flat lays. Who shares not just the good times, but the exhausting, exasperating, not-so-good times too.

Like the brilliant Sarah Turner, The Unmumsy Mum. The hilarious Matt Coyne, from Man vs Baby. And, as I’m about to share with you, my new favourite Insta Mum…the absolutely amazing Helene from @helenetheillustrator.

Describing herself as a Cornwall local, animal lover and mum to one determined little human who hates sleep, Helene’s awesomely honest drawings of parenting life never fail to make me smile while perfectly capturing the highs and lows of raising tiny humans.

I think you’re going to love them, so keep scrolling for some of my favourites from Helene‘s growing collection. Enjoy!

The realities of parenting

The realities of parenting - we made a human

“I still can’t believe an actual whole human being came out of my body.”


The realities of parenting - gender confusion

“I know you can’t really tell when they’re little, but sometimes people are just BLIND!”


The realities of parenting - go to sleep

“It’s a phase, they said. Another few weeks and she’ll be sleeping through, they said.”


The realities of parenting - it gets easier

“For all the first time mums ‘enjoying’ having a newborn…it definitely does!”


The realities of parenting - the sniff test

“The one and only time it’s socially acceptable to sniff another person’s arse in public…”


The realities of parenting - snorer



The realities of parenting - not jealous at all

“My little Timmy slept through from 2 days old…”


The realities of parenting - boobs



The realities of parenting - so tired

“It’s not a competition (but if it was, I’d win)!”


The realities of parenting - laundry hell

“Trying to be all things to all people is exhausting.”


The realities of parenting - fucking hard

“It’s just some people were better at blagging it than others!”


The realities of parenting - I hate you

“Being a Mum is a WHOLE new level of tired!”


The realities of parenting - sorry



The realities of parenting - weekend away

“Going away for the weekend with a small person…”


The realities of parenting - bedtime routine

“I love that quiet peaceful time before bed, slowly winding down, getting ready for 8 full hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep.”


The realities of parenting - sleeping through



The realities of parenting - baby led weaning

“Ahhh baby-led weaning…otherwise known as watching your child gag on various baton shaped foods, whilst desperately trying to remember everything you learnt on your resus course!”


The realities of parenting - before and after

“Including…oh I’ll never leave the house with my hair wet, my child will never watch TV, use an iPad, eat sweets and I’ll make my own food and toys will be mostly wooden. Hmmm, yeah.”


The realities of parenting - three in a bed

“Can’t wait for my extra hour of blissful sleep tomorrow morning…hanging off the edge of the bed with no bed covers and being kicked in the back numerous times. Ahhh, heaven!”


The realities of parenting - they grow up too fast

“Plus, I can’t afford to buy you anymore bloody shoes!”


For more brilliant parenting illustrations from Helene, you can follow her on Instagram here or you can see more of her work via her website – www.helenetheillistrator.co.uk

Or alternatively you can contact her directly for commissions, family portraits and cat sitting!


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