Tales of a Working Mum – Life as a crazy multitasker

– Guest post from working mum, journalist and author Lucy Tobin from mum blog Run Out of Womb – Most parents can’t imagine bringing up a baby without their smartphone. There to fill time during the 3am feeds; there to Google ‘is this poo normal coloured?’; there to immortalise those cute smiles/conversations/tantrums on camera. But as a part-time working mum (and whilst I sometimes worry that my toddler’s first drawing of me could feature me clutching my iThing), I’m also really grateful for what it allows me to do:… View Post

Tales of a Working Dad…trying to have it all

– Guest post from dad blogger Tom Cox from Unlikely Dad…A working dad. An adoptive dad. An LGBT dad. Not your ‘average’ dad, perhaps? – I’m a dad. I work full time. In a pretty demanding job. I get home and always take over bath and bedtime. I do as much as I can around the house. I try to work out three or four times a week. I manage all the finances. And lots in between. I am forever planning something. If it’s not get togethers, playdates… View Post

VLOG EXCLUSIVE: The Ultimate Parenting Challenge – Mum Vlogger vs Dad Blogger

As a new dad, every day brings new unexpected parenting challenges that complicate your usual routine. From changing nappies in the most unusual of places to trying to find time to shower, eat or just get some essential dad downtime in the bathroom, parenting is by no means a simple job! So when an old friend – the ace mummy vlogger Emma from Mamalina – convinced me to step out from behind the keyboard and move in front of the camera to record my first ever vlog, it… View Post

Tales of a Stay at Home Dad: Relinquishing control…

• Guest post from Stay at Home Dad blogger Gavin Fitzpatrick from Moo and Me • Readers of my blog will already be keenly aware of my control freak nature. Of how I like to have everything in order. And how I am only truly happy if (please read the next sentence with your best Gestapo accent) – ze nap times are corvect, food for ze veek is vell planned, dogs are valked, dogs are zen played viz, and ze house iz properly organised und spotlessly clean… Seriously. I’m… View Post

Our Birth Story – the day our lives changed forever

It was Thursday 25 August, eight months into our first pregnancy and everything was going perfectly to plan. We’d been in hospital the day before for our 36 week midwife appointment and all was well with the world. The baby was engaged and in the right position. We’d filled out our birth preferences in our maternity notes. And we’d even taken a tour of the amazing Birth Centre at Chelsea & Westminster hospital, thus cementing our grand plans for a natural, instrument and epidural-free water birth at some… View Post

SNAPPY SUNDAYS – 20 more reasons to come follow us on Instagram

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Instagram and the amazing pictures and photographers you can find on the App, especially among the parent blogging community. So, in case you are new to this blog or to the photo sharing website itself, welcome back to our regular feature, Snappy Sundays, in which I share some of my favourite Instagram posts from YOU THE DADDY over the past month. And as you might have noticed, it’s been a life changing few weeks, to say the least! If you like… View Post

A blogging good time – my first six months as a dad blogger

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And how the time has flown by since I launched YOU THE DADDY six months ago and embarked on this crazy blogging adventure. On discovering we were pregnant (on the first attempt, somehow), I could hardly contain my excitement and wanted to tell everyone our big news. But being just a few weeks into the process, of course we couldn’t…at least, not yet. So, as a dutiful first time dad, I immediately poured my attention into finding out… View Post

Let’s talk about stress, baby…

As a dad in waiting, with our first baby due at the end of the summer, my stress levels have never been higher. The pressure of juggling a busy job, with household chores, DIY, a pregnant wife and baby preparations, while at the same time trying to maintain our relationship and some semblance of a social life, is proving rather tricky to manage. God knows how we’ll cope once we add a screaming baby to the mix. Luckily it turns out I’m not alone. According to the latest statistics,… View Post