Getting creative for Father’s Day!

As children across the country make their final preparations for UK Father’s Day on 19 June, I can’t help but get rather wrapped up in all the excitement too. As, although I don’t have any children of my own quite yet, I know that come September (when our little one arrives), I will finally become a lifetime member of this illustrious group of deserving fathers who are celebrated annually for our dad jokes, dad dancing and general ‘dadliness’. So to get into the spirit of the occasion (and… View Post

The coolest baby monitor for gadget-loving dads

Like most guys, I bloody love gadgets. And so, as a tech-loving expectant dad, there was no doubt in my mind that, when choosing a baby monitor for our firstborn baby (due this September), the outdated audio-only versions simply wouldn’t do. So when I was offered the chance to review the new Nest Cam HD-quality indoor wifi camera , I quite literally jumped at the chance.   The Nest Cam (retailing at £159) is a brilliant new device for modern parents that lets you stay connected to the things you care about most, whether that… View Post

Top 5 gifts for new mums…plus 5 for new dads too!

Inspired by a pregnant friend and her husband who are due to give birth to their first baby any day now, I’ve been scouring the internet for original gifts to congratulate them on successfully navigating the past 9 months in one parent-shaped piece. Keen to avoid overloading them with the classic gifts of teddies, baby grows and muslins, of which they are sure to receive hundreds from doting family and friends, I searched instead for presents especially for the new parents themselves, rather than spoiling the tiny baby (who, let’s… View Post

The serious benefits of being ‘Selfish Parents’

Thanks to my wife (strategically) leaving her laptop open on their website, I recently ‘discovered’ the ace Selfish Mother (; a brilliantly funny yet informative blogzine set up by writer and social media queen Molly Gunn, created for ‘brilliant humans’ who just happen to be parents. After reading a bucket loads of their posts, which focus on what parents are really thinking (rather than the cookie-cutter image of ‘perfection’ that the media likes to promote), I was amazed to discover the incredible charitable initiatives that Selfish Mother are… View Post

Announcing you’re pregnant? Say it with a card!

For some time I have loved and admired the drawings of no-me, AKA British illustrator, artist and card designer Naomi Dawson. Her simple, yet funny greeting cards and prints showcase her unique observations of modern day love and everyday life, often depicting many of her (and my) favourite English household items, from Marmite to Heinz baked beans. And as my Instagram followers will know, for some time I’ve been a huge fan of her pregnancy announcement cards and congratulatory cards for new parents, which are right on the… View Post

Snappy Sundays – 20 reasons to follow YOUTHEDADDY on Instagram

As another lazy pre-baby Sunday draws to a close, I’m pleased to launch a new feature on the blog called Snappy Sundays, where I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite YOUTHEDADDY Instagram posts from the past month. If you like what you see from this dad-to-be blogger, why don’t you come follow me via @youthedaddy on Instagram too?! And if you can recommend any other great Dad and Mum bloggers on Instagram, do share their profiles names in the comments section below so we can all check them… View Post

15 of the most unbelievable baby products on the market today

As expectant parents, we are bombarded with lists of must have items we simply have to buy to prepare for our new baby’s imminent arrival – each more outrageous and unbelievable than the last!

But can you spot the real items from the fakes? Scroll down to reveal the answers…… View Post

A Man’s guide to baby growth during pregnancy

Now for those of you dads (and mums)-to-be who have downloaded one of the many pregnancy Apps on the market today, you will no doubt have come across the numerous baby growth size charts, which set out how large our bundles of joy will grow over the next 40 weeks – by comparing them to seeds, fruit and vegetables. While the baby growth size charts start off simple enough, from blueberries and strawberries to avocados and mangos, before long they venture into the rarely sighted and often bizarre ‘exotic fruit aisle’ of… View Post