Is my pregnant wife a secret superhero?

I don’t believe in unicorns, ghosts or magic, but the signs that I’m living with a secret superhero are proving increasingly difficult to ignore. Now firmly into the third trimester of our first pregnancy, I’m convinced that my wife has super powers… My wife, the superhero First up, in the same way that all good superheroes start out, she’s been busy hand-stitching her own super-unique superhero costume. After bidding on, buying and borrowing piles of maternity clothes, she’s spent hours personally tailoring every item to fit over her… View Post

20 weeks pregnant – what to expect at your anomaly ultrasound scan

After an intense first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the time has finally arrived for your anomaly ultrasound scan – a pivotal appointment whose name strikes fear into the hearts of most first time parents. While the chances of miscarriage after this stage of pregnancy are much smaller, this anomaly scan at 20 weeks provides your midwife with full disclosure about your baby’s health and development, checking everything from bone and organ development to blood flow and the strength of your baby’s heart. If anything is out of place,… View Post

How to win at weddings when you have a pregnant wife

I don’t know about you, but I bloody love weddings. The chance to belt out “I vow to thee my country” at the top of your voice during the church service; catching up with old friends; guilt free drinking for 10 hours straight before a series of competitive dance offs; more canapés, cake and cheese than you could possibly eat…need I say more? Unfortunately the party must come to an end eventually, and for many couples, that time comes when you get pregnant. As, for the next nine… View Post

Come on commuters…let’s stand up for pregnancy

On my way to work this morning, crammed into a packed Northern Line train like sardines in a tin can, I was reminded (yet again) of one of my biggest pet peeves of living in London; the way that huge swathes of commuters refuse to stand up and give up their seat for pregnant women on the city’s over-crowded underground. Despite clearly marked ‘priority’ seats located next to every train door, specifically designated for people who are disabled, pregnant or less able to stand, today, and far too… View Post

The 14 different reactions you’ll hear when announcing your pregnancy news

When the time comes to announce your pregnancy news to the world, you may be expecting just one or two standard reactions from your nearest and dearest; excitement and congratulations. But in reality, from our experience there are actually a bucket load of unexpected responses you’ll receive from your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers…so far the tally is at 14 and counting! Here goes… Extreme excitement – from squeals of delight and excitable ‘whoops’ to tears of happiness and jumping for joy. Usually supplied in abundance by your family… View Post

12 weeks pregnant – what to expect at your first ultrasound

After 12 weeks of waiting, the time has finally arrived for your first pregnancy ultrasound and with it, your first real glimpse of your new baby. This monumental moment brings with it a huge mix of emotions; from excitement and anticipation at finally having confirmation that all is well, to fear and anxiety at what the scan might reveal. Here’s what happened to us… As protocol dictates, we’d been instructed that in order for the scan to work properly, my pregnant other needed a full bladder and so had been ordered to… View Post

Week 11 of pregnancy – what to expect

With the pivotal 12 week scan finally within reaching distance, expect tensions to be high during week 11 of pregnancy, as the fear well and truly sets in. The combination of peaking morning sickness, severe and constant fatigue as well as growing concerns over whether the baby is healthy and developing as it should be, can result in major fluctuations in your other half’s temperament this week. Expect mood swings and emotions in week 11 to be more unexpected and unexplainable than ever as she, and you, struggle… View Post

Is it normal to sleep in separate beds during pregnancy?

My wife and I made a pact early on in our relationship that, no matter how big an argument we had before bedtime, we would never sleep in separate rooms. And yet, during the first trimester of our first pregnancy, we have now slept apart three times over the past month alone…not due to any argument, I must stress, but rather as a direct result of the pregnancy itself. So in today’s blog I ask, is this new change in our bedtime routine perfectly normal or are we… View Post