Getting creative for Father’s Day!

As children across the country make their final preparations for UK Father’s Day on 19 June, I can’t help but get rather wrapped up in all the excitement too.

As, although I don’t have any children of my own quite yet, I know that come September (when our little one arrives), I will finally become a lifetime member of this illustrious group of deserving fathers who are celebrated annually for our dad jokes, dad dancing and general ‘dadliness’.

So to get into the spirit of the occasion (and having already sorted a card for my dear old papa), I decided to arrange a special Father’s Day treat for my brother-in-law, courtesy of the awesome Go Outside The Lines…a specially commissioned, money can’t buy piece of art!

Getting creative for Father's Day

As a lover of pop art and all things creative, I’ve been an avid follower of Go Outside The Lines on Instagram for some time now. In a nutshell, this innovative British business creates bold screen prints and greetings cards, depicting inspirational words or phrases that kids can then colour, draw, doodle, scribble and paint on.

Basically, they provide the outline and your little ones do the rest. As a result, each print gets completely transformed into a totally unique addition to your wall; the perfect present for colour-loving dads this Father’s Day.

An inspired choice for Father’s Day

And as luck would have it, I managed to find two very willing helpers, in the shape of my nephew Sam (aged four / “nearly five!”) and niece Annie (two, going on 17), who agreed to help me put the concept through its paces.

Before we even opened the packaging, the kids could hardly contain their excitement.

Getting creative for Father's Day

So when the Daddy Cool poster was finally revealed, Sam (who can now read and so fully understood the sentiment) thought it was simply the coolest idea ever. The younger Annie, though, who can’t quite read yet and is on the whole a little harder to impress, took a little more convincing.

But thanks to Sam’s enthusiasm – combined with a new set of felt tip pens to sweeten the deal – it didn’t take long before the two of them unleashed what can only be described as a felt-tip frenzy!

What struck me straight away was how different their creative styles were from the get-go, and how this creativity evolved throughout the process.

Getting creative for Father's Day

While Sam was initially determined to stay inside the lines, Annie was much more liberal, focusing on randomly placed dots, wiggly lines, the odd sticker and even some free-hand sketches of a whale and a collection of pretzels (apparently).

Getting creative for Father's Day

Before long, Annie’s rule breaking in turn convinced Sam to venture outside the lines too, where he showed off his mad drawing and writing skills, drawing a picture of “daddy in red shorts” before writing (with only a little bit of help) the words “Super Dad” beneath it. Super cute…

After about 30 minutes of colouring, sticking and scribbling (a seriously impressive length of time for these two, who aren’t know for sitting still for long), we were finally ready to reveal their joint masterpiece…and here it is!

Getting creative for Father's Day

Such a lovely, personal present for Father’s Day and something I’m sure their cool daddy will love too.


If you like this awesome print from Go Outside The Lines, you can purchase this poster and many more from their shop here. Go check them out!

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