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Teddy’s Traditional London Christening

Knowing that Teddy is likely to be our first and last baby born in the Capital, given our grand plans to escape to the country in the not too distant future, we wanted to make sure that his one and only Christening Day was a proper London affair.

The church was booked months in advance…the wonderful Chelsea Old Church, where his uncle and three of his cousins were Christened (which, I should say, also boasts London’s loveliest, most charming vicar).

The Godparents were handpicked and dutifully accepted the life long (unpaid) positions with the customary pride.

We even hired a professional photographer – the brilliant Ariel from The Dreamcatcher Family Photography Studio – to document the Christening Day, so that we could properly enjoy it without worrying about missing all the key moments.

To make the event even more special (while not making it easy for ourselves), we also decided to hold a garden party afterwards back at our London flat for the 25 family and friends that came to the service, for tea, sandwiches, cake and a crate of champagne left over from our wedding.

All that remained to be seen was…would the rain hold off long enough to ensure our plans went ahead without a hitch? And would Teddy (now 10 months old) fit into the family Christening gown that Rosie’s grandmother had made nearly 90 years ago?

Keep scrolling to see how it all panned out…

Teddy's Christening

The arrival…


Teddy's Christening

Getting ready in the car park


Teddy's Christening

Too cool for school


Teddy's Christening

Smiles for Uncle Ed


Teddy's Christening

The congregation


Teddy's Christening

The money shot


Teddy's Christening

Rosie and Teddy


Teddy's Christening

Pay attention Teddy…this bit’s important


Teddy's Christening

The fam


Teddy's Christening

They’ve got all the answers…


Teddy's Christening - Bertie

“Are you sure you want to go through with this Teddy?”


Teddy's Christening

Teddy’s big moment


Teddy's Christening

Amelia and Issy lighting Teddy’s Christening candle


Teddy's Christening

Cousin Lucas, totally pooped


Teddy's Christening

The font (AKA where the magic happens)


Teddy's Christening - Granny

Teddy with my mum (trying to rip her necklace off)


Teddy's Christening - The Grannies

Cheeky boob grab with the Grannies


Teddy's Christening Day

Greeting his fans


Teddy's Christening - The Godparents

The Godparents! Katie, Tor, Ed and Santa


Teddy's Christening

Blue Steel


Teddy's Christening - The Grandpas

Teddy with his Grandpas


Teddy's Christening

A rare family shot


Teddy's Christening - the aunties

All the Aunties


Teddy's Christening - Auntie Ness

Teddy with Auntie Ness


Teddy's Christening - the after party

Big man, getting all the attention…(the rest of the photos were taken by me, by the way!)


Teddy's Christening cake

Teddy’s Christening cake (recreated from the top tier of our wedding cake)


Teddy's Christening - the after party

The uber cool Amie wearing her bridesmaid dress from our wedding


Teddy's Christening - the after party

Godmother Katie and Rosie


Teddy's Christening - baby kicks

All obsessed with Candice’s bump


Teddy's Christening - the after party

Walk like an Egyptian


Teddy's Christening - Uncle Ed

Godfather Ed and Ted


Teddy's Christening - the after party

Pile Up / Cousin Carnage


Teddy's Christening - Rosie and Annie

Rosie with little Annie


Teddy's Christening - the after party

Love a gust of wind…


Teddy's Christening - Auntie Annie

Super strong Auntie Annie with bruisers Teddy and Bertie


That’s all folks! For more from me,  as always, you can stay in touch with YOU THE DADDY via Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


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      28th July 2017 / 4:34 pm

      Thanks Becky! He was such a good boy and was totally unphased by the dress!