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Could this be the lightest pushchair in the world?

As parents, every day can feel like an ‘arms day’ at the gym, lugging around more heavy weights than a fledgling bodybuilder getting ready for their first competition. From ludicrously weighty changing bags and never-diminishing laundry baskets to countless supermarket shopping bags, not to mention our ever growing babies (who get heavier and heavier by the day), it’s no wonder that new parents have some of the strongest cores and most defined biceps around…

But all this physical exertion unfortunately comes at a cost. Not a day goes by that we don’t have sore backs, aching muscles and unexplained twinges, which have us reaching for the Ibuprofen and Deep Heat on a far too regular basis. All part and parcel of being a parent, right?!

Not necessarily…because I’m pleased to report that there’s a brand new ultra-lightweight pushchair in town that promises to lighten parents’ load and make our daily struggles just that little bit easier.

Graco Featherweight pushchair

This week we’ve been putting the brand new Featherweight pushchair through its paces…the latest creation from Graco, which weighs in at just 3.6kg and claims to be one of the most lightweight you can buy. In fact, I think they’re being a bit modest as from what I can find online, I think it might actually be the lightest pushchair in the world; nearly half the weight of other (apparently) lightweight buggies that I can find from other well known brands…

Lightest pushchair

But it doesn’t just win on weight…being from Graco, the Featherweight pushchair also has buckets of clever little features that make this stroller good value for money (it’s one of the cheaper ones you can buy, retailing at £149.99), while helping make your everyday activities that little bit easier.

Featherweight pushchair from Graco

While most similar pushchairs on the market are designed for use with babies from six months upwards, the Graco Featherweight is suitable from birth up to approximately three years’ old, as (unlike others) its seat reclines to lie-flat, with a five point harness to make sure your little one is secure when out and about. Win win, as you can really get your money’s worth with this product.

What’s more, it also incorporates Graco’s single-handed fold technology, enabling you to fold the pushchair with one hand while holding your babe in the other, and comes with a unique carrying strap which lets you fling the folded buggy over your shoulder while carrying your baby up the stairs or while navigating the UK’s ‘joyous’ public transport system.

Plus (and this is my personal favourite feature), when folded the Featherweight can stand up on its own, making it seriously useful when loading and unloading the car or making space for other buggies on a crammed bus or train carriage.

Featherweight pushchair folded

So, if you’re in the market for a new pushchair that will last you for years and won’t break your back (or your bank balance), it’s definitely worth considering the Featherweight stroller. Because, being a parent is tiring enough already without having to carry kilos of unnecessary weight around with you!

On that note, you can find out more about the Featherweight pushchair here, and for more daily updates from me, you can stay in touch with YOU THE DADDY via Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

This sponsored post is my latest article as part of the #GenerationGraco Global Parent Blogging Panel!


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