A new hope for miscarriage sufferers across the UK

As readers of my blog will know, I’m passionate about raising miscarriage awareness, especially among first time parents, as unfortunately miscarriages are far more common than most of us realise. While to date my wife and I have been extremely lucky to avoid having to go through the immense pain of a miscarriage, after announcing our pregnancy news to the world I have been saddened to learn about a surprisingly large number of friends, family and readers of this blog who haven’t been so fortunate. Few people, for… View Post

The serious benefits of being ‘Selfish Parents’

Thanks to my wife (strategically) leaving her laptop open on their website, I recently ‘discovered’ the ace Selfish Mother (www.selfishmother.com); a brilliantly funny yet informative blogzine set up by writer and social media queen Molly Gunn, created for ‘brilliant humans’ who just happen to be parents. After reading a bucket loads of their posts, which focus on what parents are really thinking (rather than the cookie-cutter image of ‘perfection’ that the media likes to promote), I was amazed to discover the incredible charitable initiatives that Selfish Mother are… View Post