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Week 10 of pregnancy – what to expect

As week 10 of our first pregnancy draws to a close, I have finally come to realise why there are no pregnancy Apps on the market targeted solely at dads in waiting.

It’s because the transition to fatherhood is just so bloody slow!Baby growth in week 10 of pregnancy

While my pregnant other half is going through huge physical changes (internally at least) at the same time as experiencing intense variations in her hormone levels, mood, appetite and general wellbeing, I’m still pretty much the same guy in week 10, inside and out, as I was before we conceived.

Sure, with every week that goes by I feel more and more fatherly, increasingly protective of my pregnant other half and our little bean and, if it’s possible, more emotionally connected with my wife than ever before.

But aside from a slightly expanding waistline, on account of drinking for two (to disguise the fact that she’s off the booze), while matching – like for like – her “pregnancy diet” of biscuits, crisps and Chinese takeaway, for all intents and purposes I haven’t changed a bit.

My boobs/moobs aren’t tender; my moods are, on the large part, manageable; my feet aren’t sore; I don’t suffer from constant nausea, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath or phantom pains in my abdomen – all symptoms that our pregnant partners are going through during week 10 of pregnancy.

Which goes to explain why all the pregnancy Apps on the market today are focused almost entirely on the mums rather than us dads to be.

Training to be a dad in week 10If I was to launch one, it would effectively just be a list of daily tips, advising expectant dads on how best to support their pregnant partners, as I now realise that is effectively all us guys can do during the nine months of pregnancy;

  • how to manage her mood swings and recognise them early before they get out of hand
  • Basic recipes for men who are shit at cooking (but increasingly have to take over responsibilities in the kitchen)
  • Life hacks for guys to make laundry and household chores a breeze
  • Lists of compliments you can give to brighten your pregnant partner’s day (and descriptions of her pregnant body to avoid)

So for now, while I wait for the venture capitalists to come a-knocking with bucket loads of cash to make this App dream a reality, I’ll do my best to keep supplying you with all this info the ‘old fashioned’ way, for free, via this blog…hope you continue to find it enlightening and a useful resource!

29 weeks left to go…

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog on what to expect in week 10 of pregnancy. If you have any recommendations for dad-friendly pregnancy Apps, or indeed have some spare cash to invest in a new one (😉), do get in touch via the comments section below!

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1 Comment

  1. 4th March 2016 / 5:18 pm

    I referred to my wife as a punch buggy (Volkswagen Beetle). While at first she was angry, she felt much better after I said I could have called her a Volkswagen Bus. The other story I have (I’ll have to write about sometime) is when my wife was pregnant with our 2nd I spent a night in the hospital with her. In the room with us, on the other side of the curtain divider, was a young couple. In the morning they guy complained of not being able to sleep and having a sore back. My wife was pissed because he kept her up all night with his snoring. I had to laugh at the guy on the maternity ward complaining of not being able to sleep and of having a sore back. I love your app suggestions!