Life as an impatient Dad in waiting

Are you feeling any different today? Any morning sickness yet? Do your boobs feel any bigger? How much longer til our first scan? How big is the baby this week? Can we start telling people yet? Why does every day feel like a year?! If, like me, you are still in the early weeks of pregnancy, I suspect you too may be suffering from Impatient Dad Syndrome (or IDS as I will now christen it). My wife and I are now seven weeks (and one day!) into our… View Post

We need to talk about miscarriages

Expectant parents should all be aware of the true facts about miscarriages to ensure they are prepared should the worst happen, as unfortunately, miscarriages are more common than you’d think.… View Post

A Man’s guide to baby growth during pregnancy

Now for those of you dads (and mums)-to-be who have downloaded one of the many pregnancy Apps on the market today, you will no doubt have come across the numerous baby growth size charts, which set out how large our bundles of joy will grow over the next 40 weeks – by comparing them to seeds, fruit and vegetables. While the baby growth size charts start off simple enough, from blueberries and strawberries to avocados and mangos, before long they venture into the rarely sighted and often bizarre ‘exotic fruit aisle’ of… View Post

So you’re going to be a father

As tradition dictates, we checked twice just to make sure. The most important results of your life, revealed in just three minutes by peeing on a stick…two lines (however faint they might be) means it’s official. Get ready for a wave of emotions to rush in… Extreme happiness – whether you’ve got lucky on the first go, been trying for months or had the surprise of your life, you’re going to be a dad. Relief – after years of living life to the full, it’s such a relief… View Post