So you’re going to be a father

As tradition dictates, we checked twice just to make sure.

The most important results of your life, revealed in just three minutes by peeing on a stick…two lines (however faint they might be) means it’s official.


Do my eyes deceive me?!

Get ready for a wave of emotions to rush in…

Extreme happiness – whether you’ve got lucky on the first go, been trying for months or had the surprise of your life, you’re going to be a dad.

Relief – after years of living life to the full, it’s such a relief to know you’re not shooting blanks!

Machismo – me real man, me make baby

Fear – Jesus H Christ…what are the risks? Will I be any good? Can we afford it? Are we gonna need a bigger boat?!

Confusion – what does this all mean? What do we need to do? Where’s the instruction manual and why are all the websites just for mums?

Excitement – I want to tell everyone now (but we’ve got to keep it a secret until at least the 12 week scan)!

Whatever you’re feeling right now, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, which I intend to become the go-to source for dads-to-be.

My wife and I have ‘been pregnant’ for a few weeks now (the nine months starts from the first day of their last period, not the night you did the deed…who knew?!), and since then I’ve come to realise how crap the online resources are for new dads. Here’s hoping I can change that.

So please follow this blog for posts on everything from top tips on fatherhood and dealing with your pregnant other half, experiences to expect and prepare for, plus all you’ll need to know to get through the next 9 months in one dad-shaped piece.

And follow me on Instagram via youthedaddy for daily updates.

If you have any questions or ideas for my next blog post, please do let me know!

Catch you later – 33 weeks and 2 days to go


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