Week 11 of pregnancy – what to expect

With the pivotal 12 week scan finally within reaching distance, expect tensions to be high during week 11 of pregnancy, as the fear well and truly sets in.

The combination of peaking morning sickness, severe and constant fatigue as well as growing concerns over whether the baby is healthy and developing as it should be, can result in major fluctuations in your other half’s temperament this week.

Expect mood swings and emotions in week 11 to be more unexpected and unexplainable than ever as she, and you, struggle to process all the changes taking place both internally and externally.

Internally your pregnant other half is working overtime to grow this baby, which now should be growing faster than ever.

Meanwhile you’ll both definitely start to notice some external changes too if you haven’t already.

Week 11 of pregnancy - cartoon by Kos Og Kaos

Her hair may start getting more luscious and her complexion more clear, as the well known pregnancy glow starts to emerge (not to be confused with the post morning sickness vomiting sweats!). You’ll no doubt have already noticed her ever expanding bust too, so enjoy that while it lasts (until the breastfeeding finishes I’m assured).

A small bump may even start to become visible during week 11 of pregnancy, although whether it is the baby itself or just natural bloating is, as yet, unclear.

However this can lead to emotional insecurities about weight gain, so my buzz word for this week is:


Make sure you give your pregnant other half lots of compliments and reassurances this week to keep her spirits up.

Tell her how beautiful she is, what an amazing thing she is doing growing this baby and how much you admire and love her. A small bit of extra effort on your part will ensure you avoid unnecessary mood swings while brightening her day!

27 weeks and 5 days left to go…

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog. If you have been experiencing different symptoms this week, do share your stories in the comments section below!

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