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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide – insider tips for dads, plus exclusive discounts! Major brownie points guaranteed…

Calling all dads and expectant papas…this is urgent. A very important date is fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing right now (if you haven’t done so already). Because on Sunday 26th March 2017, it’s Mother’s Day in the UK. And while you might not think this is important for you (or in any way your responsibility), think again.

For mums across the country, this is one of the most important days of the year. Far bigger than Valentine’s Day (too cheesy), their birthday (too much focus on aging) or Christmas (too bloody stressful), this is a day that is all about her and nobody else (in your household, at least). Where she expects to be spoiled, pampered, and generally adored…

And this is where you come in.

Until your children are old enough to bring her breakfast in bed, make her dubious presents out of papier-mâché, tissue paper and felt offcuts, or physically show their adoration for more than five minutes at a time, it’s up to you to make Mother’s Day a rip-roaring success. And expectant dads, even if your baby is still in the middle of serving its customary nine months inside, don’t think this lets you off the hook (increasingly, pregnant mums-to-be like to be acknowledged on this special day too).

Based on feedback from countless mamas in my vicinity, while day trips and mini excursions are perfectly nice, the surest way to a mum’s heart this Mother’s Day is through the giving of seriously thoughtful and generous presents. You know, the kind she wouldn’t expect you to come up with yourself, because they are THAT good…yes, those.

So to ensure that us dads get it right this Mother’s Day, I have engaged the services of an actual mother, who also happens to be the most thoughtful present giver in the world (my wife Rosie), to come up with a list of the ultimate, most original, fashionable and cool presents that any and every mum would absolutely love to receive this Mother’s Day (with options to suit any budget!).

What’s more, I’ve even managed to secure a load of special offers and exclusive discounts especially for readers of this blog, to save you money in the process. How great is that?!

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift List

Stick with this gift guide, guys, and I guarantee you will be king of the household on the 26th March, and your generosity will come back 10-fold in June when Father’s Day comes around!

So, credit cards at the ready, it’s time to do some online shopping…

[And mums…do feel free to send this to your loved ones too, or strategically leave this page open on your laptop for ‘a certain someone’ to find…]

The Ultimate Most Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift List

The perfect present for sentimental mummies…

This limited edition, hand-engraved gold necklace from Merci Maman

Mother's Day exclusive from Merci Maman

This limited edition gold pendant from Merci Maman is guaranteed to be a winner this Mother’s Day and will, without doubt, be a keepsake that she will treasure forever.

The perfect way to say thanks for being a great mum, this disc charm comes hand-engraved with ‘Merci Maman’ (thank you mummy) on one side and can be personalised with the names of your children or a heart-felt message of your choice on the reverse.

Every element, from the materials and crafting skills to the distinctive signature orange boxes, makes this the perfect present for sentimental mamas everywhere.

SPECIAL OFFER! Usually retailing at £49.00, ahead of Mother’s Day you can use my exclusive discount code YTD15 at the online checkout to receive 15% off this item and/or anything else on their website! Win win…

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: Simple and sentimental, this cute necklace will fast become her favourite piece of jewellery. I just love everything they make!


For mums who deserve a little luxury…

This seriously beautiful scarf blanket from Marloe London

Mother's Day presents from Marloe London

Any mum would love one of these gorgeous scarf blankets from Marloe, which have been especially designed with mamas in mind.

Created to be both luxurious and practical, these muslin shawls can instantly transform from being a mum’s favourite fashion accessory to being used as a buggy shade or swaddle blanket for your baby.

What’s more, their collection is available in a range of seriously gorgeous colours, with each scarf uniquely finished with beautifully embroidered borders. They can even be personalised with the lucky mama’s name (or your baby’s name and date of birth) in classic embroidered lettering.

SPECIAL OFFER! The lovely Marloe scarves start from £49 for the plain designs to £75 for the special edition dip dye range. And readers of the blog can get free personalisation on your order by using my exclusive discount code YOUTHEDADDY at the online checkout!

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: I absolutely love the lilac dip dye scarf blanket from their new collection. Simply perfect for family holidays in the sun this summer!


The perfect delivery for green fingered mums… 

This incredible flower subscription service from bloomon

Mother's Day delivery from Bloomon

If you are a ‘pick up a bunch of cheap roses last minute from the petrol station’ kinda guy, you’ll know that such thriftiness rarely gets a positive response from the fairer sex. But sign your other half up with bloomon and you’ll instantly become hubby/dad of the year.

Born in the flower fields of Holland, bloomon delivers beautiful bouquets (on repeat) direct to your door at the click of a button, making it an incredibly thoughtful Mother’s Day treat, that keeps on giving!

Each bouquet is designed by a dedicated in-house flower artisan, featuring the freshest and most seasonal blooms, cut by the grower and delivered to you the very same day. Whether you order it as a one off, or as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription for your boo, she’s guaranteed to love it…

SPECIAL OFFER! Prices start from just £20.95, although I’d go for their bestselling medium sized bouquet (great value at £24.95) if I were you. Plus, readers of my blog can also get a free hand blown vase worth £25 if you order before Mother’s Day using my exclusive code DADVASE at the checkout. Two presents for the price of one…it’s a no brainer!

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: What girl doesn’t love fresh flowers and they don’t come any better than this. Totally unique, always surprising and the prettiest colours…plus the vase is amazing too.


For mothers who love interior design…

These cool, colourful Alphabet Brush Pots from Pentreath & Hall

Mother's Day sorted by Pentreath & Hall

If your baby mama has an eye for design and loves a splash of colour, she’ll be totally smitten with these alphabet pots from Pentreath & Hall, which are a firm favourite among interior design aficionados.

Make up her initials, spell out her name, a favourite word, a happy thought, get creative…collect the whole alphabet if you really like them…the possibilities are endless.

£40 each and available to buy here.

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: Very cool present…if you’re getting just one, I love the pink X (kiss) pot!


For proud mamas…

These supersoft sweatshirts from The FMLY Store

Mother's Day sorted by Selfish Mother

We’re huge fans of The FMLY Store and are slightly obsessed with their comfy range of tees and sweatshirts (I have their PAPA one and Rosie has two – MAMA and Winging It).

Not only are their slogans perfect for proud mothers, they are also so bloody soft she’ll never want to take it off. What’s more, their philosophy is that style should not only look good, but help others, too. As such, £10 from each sale goes to charity, meaning that positive karma is guaranteed with every purchase.

SPECIAL OFFER! These awesome slogan sweatshirts come in at a respectable £50, which means you qualify for free delivery (so get ahead of the game and order now in preparation for the big day).

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: I wear mine every morning when I get up to feed Teddy and even though it’s been washed a thousand times, it’s still so soft. They are also highly addictive…once you have one, you’ll want the whole collection.


The perfect gift for art loving mamas…

One of these bespoke, hand drawn portraits of mum and baby (made to order!)

Mother's Day personalised gift from Stephy Draws

Rosie bought me one of these bespoke new parent portraits for Christmas from the amazing British illustrator Stephy Draws, and it really is one of my most treasured possessions.

To have your favourite photo of you and your little’n turned into a proper inky portrait for your wall is just so special and without doubt, any and every mum would absolutely adore one of their own.

Prices start form £30, and you can add any embellishments and little personal touches you fancy, working alongside the artist at every stage of the process, with each commission taking a maximum of seven days to complete and deliver (but often less – just let her know if you’re in a rush!). Seriously, we can’t recommend her enough!

SPECIAL OFFER! The lovely Stephy has agreed to give readers of YOU THE DADDY 10% off your first commissioned portrait. Just email her at ohstephydraws@gmail.com to place your order and quote my exclusive code – youthestephy10 – for money off!

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: I discovered Stephy Draws on Instagram and loved her work. I believe in leaving the artist to it, so just pick a couple of your favourite photos of mum and baby and send them her way. Trust her style and let her work her magic…you’ll absolutely love the results.


For stylish mamas who like to be bang on trend…

These bangle bands from byEloise (bracelets and hairbands all in one)

Mother's Day gifts from by Eloise

These high end hair bands are bang on trend at the moment and feature stylish charms suitable for every occasion, meaning they can either be worn as a cool bracelet or used to instantly transform a frazzled mama’s hair do. Thanks to this versatility, they make a seriously thoughtful yet practical present for mums on the go.

And if you have little girls, be sure to get two of each design so mummy and daughter can match!

byEloise bangle bands start from £4.50, which, given their multi-functionality makes them a total bargain, so it’s worth buying a whole bunch – a grown up pick’n’mix, if you will…

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: I just love the charms so much…the smiley emoji and jaguar designs are my personal favourites. Also, for breastfeeding mums in the early stages of feeding, it’s really useful to have something on your wrist that reminds you which side/boob to start feeding from next, and these bangles are perfect for the job. Trust me on this one guys…


The most thoughtful gift for mums who love their sleep…

These extra cosy nightdresses from Cologne & Cotton

Mother's Day comfort from Cologne and Cotton

It’s a well known fact that all mothers love their sleep, yet only a handful ever get enough of it. So this Mother’s Day, why not give her the gift of a luxury night’s slumber with one of these super soft Bonsoir nightshirts from Cologne & Cotton.

They pride themselves on their exceptional quality and attention to detail, while everything they sell is super soft and comfortable to wear. So whatever you pick out from their nightwear range is guaranteed to be a winner with every bed loving mama out there.

Cologne & Cotton’s pyjamas start from £42 and this pink woven sateen nightshirt (Rosie’s top pick) is £72 – available to buy here.

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: Made from pure cotton, mums will totally love this pretty pink nightshirt. Plus, with buttons all the way down the front, it’s especially perfect for any mums that are breastfeeding.


The perfect present for crafty mums…

This seriously cool and oh so clever pom pom making tool from Pom Maker

Mother's Day for crafty mums

If your other half is creative, loves to make things for herself and the kids, and is what I’d call a ‘crafty mum’, she will seriously go nuts for this insane pom pom making contraption from the amazingly inventive Pom Maker.

It may look like a little wooden donut, but in the right hands this piece of kit can make the most incredible pom pom creations (as shown above) that will make her by far the coolest mum in the playground.

Available to buy here for £17.90 – and check them out on Instagram too to see more of the amazing creations that can be made with it…

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: Basically, if she watched Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas, she will go crazy for this…buy it alongside a few balls of wool to make a lovely Mother’s Day package.


You can’t beat this Mother’s Day idea for photography loving mamas…

A personal family photo shoot from Dreamcatcher photography studio

Mother's Day photo shoot

Let’s not beat around the bush…mums work bloody hard, for basically no money and they rarely get the recognition they deserve. So if you’re looking for a seriously thoughtful present to show a mum just how special they are (and how thankful you are for their day job), you should 100% book in a session with the very talented Ariel, a London based documentary style photographer from the Dreamcatcher family photography studio.

For £150, he’ll come to you for a two hour session to capture beautiful photos of your everyday family life from the comfort of your own home…never obviously posed or cheesy, just pictures of all those special family moments that usually fly by unnoticed.

We worked with him recently and were seriously impressed with the results…most of all, the countless beautiful pictures of mum and baby, which is why we thought this would make a wonderful addition to today’s Mother’s Day gift guide.

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: Ariel from Dreamcatcher studio is so easy going and likeable, he makes you feel instantly comfortable and perfectly captures your beautiful everyday moments on film. Highly recommended!


And finally, the perfect choice for lovers of designer handbags…

This high-end leather handbag (and changing bag) from Pacapod

Mother's Day designer surprise

Who are we kidding…what girl wouldn’t love a brand new leather handbag this Mother’s Day? And this ingenious creation from Pacapod is just the ticket…

Mixing high end luxury with true mama practicality, the Jasper bag is made from buttery soft leather in an authentic slouchy style, putting this little number in a totally different league than your average high street changing bag.

On the inside, as well as having large compartments especially for her, it also includes Pacapod’s unique 3-in-1 ‘baby organiser’ with two detachable ‘pods’ to store baby and toddler feeding and changing items to help any mum venture out and travel with her tots in tow.

At £250, this is the perfect gift for mums who deserve to be thoroughly spoiled this year!

ROSIE’S RECOMMENDATION: Any new mum would love this for Mother’s Day, as it’s not only amazing for her but also for the baby too. Made from gorgeous soft leather, it feels more like carrying a designer handbag than a changing bag.


I hope this list has given you some good ideas ahead of Mother’s Day on the 26th March – there’s not long to go until the big day, so get buying now to save yourself from any (regrettable) last minute ‘panic buys’ the night before. And please do share this on your usual socials to help other dads avoid the same fate!

And for more daily updates from me, you can also stay in touch with YOU THE DADDY via InstagramTwitterPinterest and Facebook.


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