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When you’re a kid, every day is an adventure. One minute you’re a pirate, sailing the seven seas and fighting off giant squid. The next, you’re a police officer, chasing down a gang of robbers after the heist of the century. Before morphing into an astronaut (in a cardboard rocket), counting down from 10 and blasting into space. Your imagination knows no limits and can literally take you on any adventure you could possibly dream of.

But as we grow up, while that sense of adventure never really disappears, life invariably gets in the way. We take exams, go on dates, get a job, make money, run out of money, meet ‘the one’, start a family, become a responsible adult…an adventure for sure, but probably not quite as wild as we once imagined.

So, what if I told you that I know a group of people who are giving away a grand – yes £1,000 cash – to one lucky person to spend on making their dream adventure a reality? Well, as you might have guessed from the title of this post, I only ruddy well do!

Competition to win £1,000 cash!

The competition is being run by the lovely team at Burts Chips down in Devon, makers of my favourite, proper tasty and seriously crispy crisps, and it couldn’t be easier to enter.

Here’s how:

Are you a dad? Or do you have (or know) a great dad who deserves a proper treat? If so, then keep reading…

Because Burts Chips want to hear from dads up and down the country, to feed their taste for adventure and find out what their ultimate #dadventure would be.

Competition planning

Not in essay form, or via some complicated, time consuming entry process…oh no. All you need to do is head over to the #Dadventures competition page here, enter your name and email address before writing no more than 250 characters summarising what your ultimate dadventure would be. That’s around 40 words, the equivalent of a longish tweet!

Which means, once you’ve come up with your adventure, it literally takes two minutes to complete and you’ll be in with really quite a good chance of winning 1,000 smackeroonies to make your idea a reality! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Burts Chips Dadventure Competition

Your adventure can be big or small. In the UK or abroad. On your own, with a mate, your other half (yes, WAGs can get involved too) or even your kid. It’s totally up to you.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s what my ultimate dadventure would be:

Driving down solo to the Alps for a week of intensive ski lessons. You see, all my friends are amazing skiers but I’ve only been once, so want to make sure I’m a pro (or at least off the nursery slopes) next time we go!

Competition to go on your ultimate dadventure

Or how about this alternative idea of mine (which I suspect my wife is more likely to get on board with…):

If I won £1,000, I’d recreate mine and my wife’s most memorable child-free weekend together, living like rock stars at the No.16 hotel in Kensington, painting the town red and pretending like we’re back in our 20s…

Number 16 - Competition entry

Literally anything goes and it couldn’t be simpler. So, what are you waiting for? Put your thinking caps on, get creative and enter today!

Plus, if you’re a mum, reading this and thinking “what about us?!” Don’t worry…you can be a winner too. Just make sure your other half enters the competition with a dadventure that includes you in it (like my alternative one above)!

Don’t hang around though…entries need to be submitted before the end of the day on Thursday 30th November 2017, after which Burts Chips will pick one lucky dad from the group to receive the £1,000 cash prize to make his dadventures actually happen!

So, all that’s left to say is, good luck and happy dadventuring!!

Dadventure competition planning

This sponsored post is written in collaboration with Burts Chips, the crisp brand with an adventurous spirit, to support their amazing #dadventures competition this month!


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