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Toasty Toddlers – the best cold weather gear to keep your little one warm this winter

With snow forecast up and down the country this week, and a severe bout of bronchiolitis knocking down our little ones left, right and centre, anyone hoping we’d seen the back of winter will be sorely disappointed. Dashing any hopes of an early spring, unfortunately this February looks set to be one of the coldest on record, making it more important than ever to keep our kiddies (and ourselves) wrapped up toasty warm this month.

So, for anyone on the lookout for some new cold weather gear for their baby or toddler during this unexpected cold snap, we have compiled a list of our favourite items from Teddy’s wardrobe and across the interweb that come highly recommended and are guaranteed to do the job!

Toasty Toddlers cold weather gear


The warmest toddler sleeping bag you can buy

Toasty Toddlers - Merino Kids Sleeping Bag

As followers of the blog will know, we are huge fans of the Merino Kids range of baby clothes and sleeping bags, after discovering the magical warming powers of merino wool when Teddy was a newborn (read more about that here). However, if like, us your house is freezing cold (and you can’t afford to have your heating on full blast 24 hours a day), investing in a proper winter sleeping bag for your pride and joy is a must.

The Sherpa Weight Merino Kids Go Go Toddler Sleeping Bag (available to buy from Natural Baby Shower here) is without doubt the warmest on the market (recommended for use in room temperatures below 18°C), made with fluffy merino fleece lining that traps in body heat to keep your little one toasty warm during the coldest nights.


Cashmere scarf from Olivier Baby & Kids

Toasty Toddlers - cashmere scarf

This winter, our Teddy hasn’t left the house without at least one item of cold weather gear from the brilliant Olivier Baby & Kids – the London-based kidswear brand that specialises in cosy cashmere designs for little people.

Their Burnt Sienna Cashmere Garter Scarf (with pom pom detailing) has been a firm favourite in our house this winter, and can’t be beaten for both comfort and style.

P.S. Olivier Baby & Kids do THE BEST end of season sales, so make sure you sign up for their newsletter here to find out when the next one is (and bag yourself some incredible bargains in the process)!


Traditional Pixie Bonnet

Toasty Toddlers - cashmere bonnetsContinuing our love affair with the amazing Olivier Baby & Kids, winter accessories don’t come any cuter than this 100% cashmere bonnet; available in four colours, each with their own colour-coordinated pom pom detailing.

Super warm and cosy, these bonnets come with a buttoned strap that goes underneath the chin to keep it firmly in place (in case your toddler likes to pull off their hat and toss it out of the pram, like our Teddy loves to do!)


Disana Sturdy Wool Coat

Toasty Toddlers - boiled wool coat

If you follow Father of Daughters on Instagram, you’ll almost certainly have seen his adorable twins in this lovely winter jacket from Disana. Made from 100% organic boiled merino wool, this coat is extra warm but with a light duffle-like texture, making it perfect for active toddlers on the move.

What’s more, it’s water resistant, comes with a cosy hood, and a longer back section for extra warmth and comfort. Practical, durable and sustainable too, as all Disana products are made to stringent ecological, social and quality standards!


Winter Waistcoat from tinkertinker

Toasty Toddlers - bespoke winter waistcoatMy wife Rosie came across the seriously lovely tinkertinker at the annual Chelsea Christmas Market back in December, and was totally smitten by their collection of handmade clothing for little people, from bloomers and corduroy trousers, to jackets and waistcoats.

This bespoke tweed herringbone waistcoat was an absolute favourite (her sister bought one for her son on the day, and we’ve been eyeing it up for Teddy ever since), with traditional toggle buttons and a special fleecy lining guaranteed to make your toddler the smartest dressed and warmest kid in playgroup this month. Perfect for outdoor and indoor play!


Super Warm Snow Suit from Alex & Alexa

Toasty Toddlers - snow suit

These winter overalls from the outdoor experts at Reima (available to buy here from Alex & Alexa) have been an absolute find for us this winter, keeping our Teddy toasty warm whatever the weather. It’s completely waterproof, wind resistant and breathable, as well as being dirt resistant (so it doesn’t need constant washing).

The seams on the snow suit are taped, so no unwanted liquid can get in, while elasticated cuffs effectively keep the warmth in. But my favourite features are the silicone foot loops, which fit securely inside your toddler’s boots, keeping the trousers from riding up while your little one is running around. Plus, it’s designed to work in temperatures as low as -10°C, so has you covered no matter how cold it gets!


Sheepskin Mittens from Baa Baby

Toasty Toddlers - sheepskin mittens

We love absolutely everything from Baa Baby, but these snug mittens are the absolute cutest, made from 100% sheepskin meaning they are water resistant on the outside and soft, fluffy and warm on the inside.

They also come with specially designed cuffs that can be turned over and tucked up the sleeves to provide additional warmth on the coldest days. Available to buy here in Chestnut, Dark Brown or Grey!


FALKE Slipper Socks

Toasty Toddlers - slipper socksOur Teddy’s had a few pairs of FALKE socks since he was a tiny baby and they really are a godsend during the colder months. And unlike so many toddler socks on the market, these ones actually stay on their feet!

What makes these plush slipper socks so good is that they are made from warm, soft merino on the inside and hard-wearing, easy-care cotton on the outside, while they also come with anti-slip silicone pads on the sole, making them perfect for toddlers on the move (especially if you have smooth floors at home). Highly recommended!


I hope you’ve found today’s list of our toasty toddler favourites useful! So, which one is your favourite? Do you have any other toasty treats that you would highly recommend to other parents during this week’s cold snap? As always, we’d love to hear from you, so please do share your thoughts and recommendations with the group in the comments section below!

DISCLAIMER: While every recommendation in this list is 100% genuine, you should know that three of the items featured were gifted to us (the sleeping bag, cashmere scarf and snow suit) after we were given the chance to choose an item of our choice from their websites.


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  1. 26th February 2018 / 1:26 pm

    I love the Cashmere scarf. Then again, I am a huge fan of cashmere. the waistcoat is also great, although I think i’d prefer it for myself than my kids!

  2. 26th February 2018 / 9:42 am

    I could do with some adult-sized versions of these – freezing at my desk!