NHS Tongue Tie policy is failing new parents and needs to change – sign this petition to get the problem fixed, once and for all. 

If your baby had (or still has) a tongue tie, or if you know any new parents whose babies suffered from one, you will be well aware of the serious physical and emotional pain that tongue ties can cause. Every year, around 70,000 babies in the UK are born with a tongue tie. But despite being easily fixable with a tiny (and painless) snip, due to the limitations of current NHS policies and budgets, a huge proportion of these cases are misdiagnosed or left untreated for weeks on… View Post

ASK THE EXPERT: Breastfeeding SOS…your questions answered

After sharing our breastfeeding story on the blog a few months ago, I was surprised and heartened to receive countless messages from other first time parents like us, both mums and dads, who were experiencing the exact same trials and tribulations as we were. From concerns around nipple pain, tongue ties and babies’ weight gain to questions about milk supply, pumping, breast milk vs. formula and how dads can contribute to the whole nursing process, I realised that so many of us still struggle to find the help we’re looking for online. And so,… View Post

Our Breastfeeding Story – big tits, occasional tears and little triumphs

Let me be straight from the start. I’m not here to extol the virtues of breastfeeding, of which there are clearly many. As celebrity chef Jamie Oliver discovered recently, you can get into serious trouble if found guilty of ‘mansplaining’ to mums about what they should do with their nipples… Discussing the topic on LBC radio earlier this year, he (I believe, well-intentionally) claimed about breastfeeding; “It’s easy, it’s more convenient, it’s more nutritious, it’s better, it’s free.” For some new parents, this may well be the case. But from our… View Post