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The best double buggy for outdoorsy families

We’ve had quite a few prams over the years, but the brand we keep going back to is phil&teds. We first got one when Rosie went back to work after maternity leave – a banged-up second hand old beauty – as we needed a double buggy for the child minder who looked after Teddy and his cousin at the time. Then Rosie’s mum got in the game, buying the same phil&teds sport double buggy for long muddy walks in the country when the grandkids came to visit. And now, with two boys of our own, there was only one double buggy that we would consider for our growing brood.

So, when phil&teds offered us the chance to be the first family in the UK to try out their new and improved sport inline buggy, we couldn’t believe our luck!

phil&teds sport inline double buggy

A slimline 3-wheeler, with fully lie flat mode for newborns, all-wheel suspension and 12 inch all terrain air-filled tyres, it’s exactly what we needed for our outdoorsy country life. Plus, with its double kit seat accessories, it’s been perfect for carting around our two boys (especially when the bigger one decides he doesn’t want to walk any further!).

If you ask me, this pram is hands down the best double buggy on the market. No question. But don’t just take my word for it…

While from a dad’s perspective I think our phil&teds sport is the bee’s knees, my wife Rosie is the one who’s opinion really matters most.

Mums love the phil&teds double buggy

She’s the one who uses it every single day, come rain or shine, with a toddler, baby and all the kit that comes with having two kids in tow. She’s the one who has to strap the kids into it daily, folding it up and lifting it into the car, while navigating the supermarket, the high street, the doctor’s surgery and the great outdoors while I’m at work.

So, I asked her to write down her thoughts on the phil&teds sport double buggy, so you could hear it from the horse’s mouth! Here’s what she had to say…

Rosie’s review of the phil&teds sport double buggy

Without wanting to sound overly emotional, our phil&teds double buggy is honestly like a member of our family. 

The best double buggy for outdoorsy families

When we moved out of London two years ago, we brought with us our compact ‘city pram’. I was very fond of it. It had served us well with Teddy and I saw no reason why, if we were lucky enough to have another child at some point in the future, it wouldn’t be good enough for that one too.

Oh, but how wrong I was!!  As it turns out, prams that work on pavements, in shops and lovely manicured London parks DO NOT work on muddy tracks, bumpy bridleways or leafy pavements. And, when baby number two arrived 11 months after we moved, we quickly realised that our toddler didn’t fancy walking everywhere while the newborn took his treasured seat in the pram.

phil&teds sport inline

So, boy was I glad when our phil&teds sport arrived! I know it sounds weird, but I actually remember it like it was yesterday. The delivery driver knocked on the door at the worst possible moment, just as I’d sat our two boys down for lunch. But despite their hungry squeaks, I knelt down on the floor, in a totally over-excited, somewhat crazed state, and ripped open the box like nobody’s business. Nothing was going to get in the way of my life changing wheels. So, once we’d got lunch and afternoon naps out of the way, we took our new double buggy out for a spin in the woods near our house. 

phil&teds double seat attachment

Now, I just want to say from the outset that I never write reviews and hardly ever comment on products unless I would hand on heart recommend them to a friend. Prams aren’t exactly the cheapest piece of baby kit, so if I’m going to suggest someone spends their hard-earned cash on one, it needs to be 100% worth it.

But I’m pleased to report that every aspect of the phil&teds sport double buggy blew me away. With its three-wheel design, it glided through the woods and muddy paths as smoothly as if I was walking down the King’s Road. Thanks to its larger wheels and proper suspension, I was able to push both boys up and down hilly paths that I would never have even attempted with our old pram.

love our phil&teds

And being a slimline width pram (with the two seats in bunk-bed style rather than side-by-side), it wasn’t over burdensome, fitting neatly into the boot of our car and not being too wide to get through shop doors (like so many double buggies we see out and about).

The biggest test though, where this pram really came into its own, came a few weeks later when we packed up the car for a much needed two week holiday on the beaches of Cornwall. 

Beach holidays with our phil&teds sport

Although the house we rented was only a five-minute walk to the beach, I don’t know how we would have coped without this pram.  Whether going on cliff top walks or loading up the phil&teds for a day on the beach, this buggy made our lives so much easier, handling country paths and sand (so much sand) with ease.

cliff top walks with our phil&teds sport

So much so, in fact, that I didn’t shut up about it all holiday! If I had to give Giles £1 for every time I exclaimed “this holiday would not have been the same without our phil&teds”, well let’s just say he would have eaten a lot more ice cream.

Beach life

I guess what I’m trying to get at is this pram is built for a family with an ourdoorsy lifestyle. And for parents who don’t want to let tiny humans get in the way of where you go and what you do.  Honestly, I can’t recommend it enough!

phil&teds sport in action

So many great add-ons to make parents’ lives easier

As well as all the great features Rosie and I have already written about, another great thing about phil&teds is all the extra accessories you can get to pimp out your pram, to get even more use out of it…

phil&teds igloo attachments

Definitely our favourite attachment, the phil&teds igloo is a set of two brilliant, fully insulated storage compartments for food & drinks (hot or cold!) – perfect for long walks, picnics on the beach or even transporting frozen food from the supermarket to your house without melting! 

phil&teds igloo soft case

The set includes a big hardshell insulated container which simply clips onto the back of the buggy – and here’s the clever bit – while not reducing the valuable storage space in the basket under the pram. It also includes a softshell insulated caddy which can either sit inside the igloo or attach to the buggy handlebar for easier access. So useful!

phil&teds igloo hardshell insulated container

Travel bag for long trips

For serious travellers, you can also get the phil&teds universal travel bag, which is neatly designed to keep your buggy protected and in pristine condition on long journeys (especially great for parents like me who worry about what really happens to your pram when you leave it at the mercy of the baggage handlers at the airplane door)! 

Made to be durable and multi-purpose, with a robust base and TSA padlock included (for increased security at busy airports), it’s essentially an extra wheelie bag that’s big enough (and expandable) to fit your phil&teds sport double buggy (or pretty much any other buggy brand you might have) with room to spare. 

phil&teds universal travel bag

Plus, when your pram days are over, it’s still massively useful as an oversized travel bag, to fill with whatever you like, from clothes and sports equipment to beach essentials and ski kit! 

Our verdict on the phil&teds sport double buggy

All in all, whether you want to use it as a single or a double buggy, this is just a really great pram, that will last you and your family for years. So easy to manoeuvre, set up and fold down, and suitable for any terrain, it’s been perfect for outdoorsy families like us. We love ours and think you will too!

phil&teds sport inline buggy

For more information, visit the phil&teds website here


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