Tales of a Working Dad…trying to have it all

– Guest post from dad blogger Tom Cox from Unlikely Dad…A working dad. An adoptive dad. An LGBT dad. Not your ‘average’ dad, perhaps? – I’m a dad. I work full time. In a pretty demanding job. I get home and always take over bath and bedtime. I do as much as I can around the house. I try to work out three or four times a week. I manage all the finances. And lots in between. I am forever planning something. If it’s not get togethers, playdates… View Post

Why choosing baby names is no fun at all

There’s nothing quite like picking out baby names to make you realise how many people you hate. From that creepy old neighbour and evil school bully who haunted your early childhood to that bunny-boiling ex and work colleague who always wreaks of BO, finding a baby name that you and your other half both love (and that doesn’t have negative connotations with ghosts of your past) can be a veritable minefield. It’s no wonder therefore that growing numbers of new parents today are shunning the conventional lists of popular baby names and… View Post

First time parents – interviews from the front line: featuring new dad @LadBabyOfficial

Pregnancy and parenthood can be daunting experiences for first time parents. So, as a support system for other first timers such as myself, I’m excited to launch a new series of real life interviews with actual first time parents, who have generously offered to share their insights, highs and lows, top tips and words of encouragement from the front line of parenting. This week we’ve been speaking with Mark, a first time dad and creator of the incredibly funny new dad blog Lad Baby. Originally from Nottingham but now… View Post

New parent debate: The pitfalls of pram shopping

Between you and me, I hate shopping at the best of times, but this is one shopping trip that I’ve personally been dreading ever since discovering we were pregnant back in January – the argument-inducing, more-stressful-than-you’d-think, first outing to choose and buy your first pram. This innocent-sounding exercise should be simple right? A total breeze? WRONG! The volume of otherwise happy couples who start the day of pram browsing in high spirits but end up screaming at each other in the middle of their local Mothercare before angrily… View Post

New parent debate: Choosing baby names

For those who have missed previous iterations, our new weekly feature – New Parent Conversations – reveals the silliest exchanges that all new parents have with each other during their first pregnancy. This week, we’ll be looking at the hot topic of naming your baby and how difficult it is to come up with a shortlist of decent baby names that both Mum and Dad agree with! Because nothing makes you realise how many people you dislike than when you’re naming a baby… As always, it turns out that great minds don’t… View Post

New Parent Debate: will our new baby take after Mummy or Daddy?

I’m pleased to launch today a new weekly feature on YOUTHEDADDY called New Parent Conversations, revealing the silliest exchanges that all new parents have with each other during their first pregnancy. This week, we’ll be looking at the hot topic of inherited traits and the debate over who the baby will take after most – Mum or Dad? Will your new baby inherit the best qualities of both parents, or (God forbid) all of the worst?! As it turns out, great minds don’t always think alike… Which of… View Post